E Reputation: Management Of Customer Reviews

E reputation: Management of customer reviews Nowadays, social media allow consumers to be very well informed about a company’s reputation thanks to the opinions left by Internet users. 96% of them are categorical on the fact that the bad e-reputation of a company turns out to be prohibitive to become a customer (1). In addition, 88% of them say they examine Portuguese Timor Email List customer reviews before making an online purchase. E reputation definition The E reputation is also called digital reputation and web reputation . It is the general opinion of consumers , potential customers & users of your brand / business.

This opinion is reflected in positive or negative customer opinions after orders or use, company information, product comments, etc.). This is why it is essential not to prevent your customers from giving their opinion. Otherwise, you risk receiving even more negative opinions…. Establishment of an E reputation watch Having a negative opinion doesn’t have to be detrimental to your business. Also, it is less suspect to have some negative comments than to have only positive opinions, an idea confirmed by 62% of French people according to a recent survey (2).

It is therefore essential to respond to opinions, whether positive or negative

It is even essential to respond to negative reviews Otherwise, it could be considered negligence on your part. And this fully contributes to improving the quality of your “customer service”. We must not forget that behind a negative opinion very often hides more a complaint than a dissatisfaction. The customer may have forgotten to contact after-sales service before posting their opinion. Responding effectively to feedback will show your customers that you can be counted on in the event of a problem. They will keep a positive image of you and be reassured.

Collect certified positive reviews Go through sites specializing in collecting certified reviews drive customer engagement on Google A good presentation of your Google Mybusiness listing can improve your visibility Tips for responding to negative reviews It is advisable when responding to a negative review to: Show phlegm But also to make excuses for the inconvenience caused if it is true. And never offer compensation in comments, it might attract dishonest people. Then give a precise explanation for each negative point raised by the customer as well as the solution provided to remedy the problem. Identify questionable discontents and ignore them. If the charges are trivial, Internet users will not pay attention. Beware of fake reviews First of all, make sure that your practices are not illegal.

Indeed, there are fraudulent processes that consist in posting false positive

Reviews to artificially improve your online reputation. You have to realize that these offenses are punishable by law . To eradicate false online reviews, AFNOR has even introduced a new French standard (NF Z74-501). It aims to authenticate consumer opinions on websites. To obtain authenticated opinions, you can call on sites specializing in collecting opinions that have already adopted this standard (example: Verified Reviews). Also, all web players, media and private organizations have an interest in giving credibility and confidence to the opinions left. Conversely, a parallel trade could be set up with the blackmail of the web reputation. This is what has, moreover, been criticized for a time in TripAdvisor.

How to detect the existence of bad reviews about you? Take a tour of the most visited sites on the internet. The most important to check first are your Google MyBusiness listing , your Facebook page and the Yellow Pages. A community manager controls and manages reviews Call on a community manager to manage your customers’ opinions Build a virtual community Building a community helps develop your network Tips for effectively managing customer reviews What if you opted for a community manager? Indeed, community management is, today, an integral part of the digital communication strategy of large companies & SMEs.

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