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Let’s face it- live video is too Cambodia phone number big to ignore anymore. These days it is an undeniable and crucial component of any digital marketing plan. Streaming video is not only a means of entertaining people, but it’s a great way to stand out as a business (yes, even a law firm). After all, viewers spend three times more time viewing a video Cambodia Phone Number when it’s live rather than prerecorded.


Live Video Cambodia Phone Number Platforms

Platforms such as Cambodia Phone Number Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram allow you to stream real time video to consumers at the click of a button. Keep in mind the reach goes beyond just your social media following. Recently, firms are using live video as a tool to reach larger audiences with their Cambodia Phone Number information, boost their online engagement, and other long lasting benefits. Through video, audiences are getting the chance to get to know a firm’s attorneys, the work they do, and what their office is like in real time.  If your law firm isn’t already streaming live video, it’s time. Viewers will also submit questions via commenting on your live video, so keep an eye out for those and answer accordingly.

What Do I Cambodia Phone Number Record?

It’s clear that live Cambodia Phone Number video is worth the marketing time and effort, but now you might wonder what you should share.  Sharing a live event with your audience can help them feel more connected to your law firm by allowing them to be a part of it. Go live when your law firm is volunteering for the holidays, celebrating a birthday in the office, or even attending a conference. Think of the top 10 questions they have asked your law firm, and turn that into a live Q & A session.  You can also look in your website’s Google Analytics to see what users most commonly search for and talk about those issues.

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