Some examples of brands that know how to use Snapchat: The most notorious Snapchat campaign during this year’s Superbowl was carried out by the Audi vehicle brand , using funny photos of animals that went viral in a matter of minutes. In the end, the brand gained 9,600 more followers in 48 hours and 37 million impressions. Snapchat-for-SMEs Taco Bell began using Snapchat in May 2013 to introduce its new menu , and has since evolved with the platform’s new features. During this year’s MTV Movie Awards, he launched the new Spicy Chicken Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Taco. Exclusive images related to the new product and the celebrities of the event appeared in the application.

During the last edition of New York Fashion Week, Snapchat created a live section dedicated to the event, similar to “Stories”, where any user could share their personal snaps and the media published short news or infographics. Thus, renowned fashion brands such as Victoria’s Secret, Nars, Stella McCartney, Valentino and Michael Kors joined the application to reveal secrets of their models and their fashion shows. Burberry , for example, showed off the intimacies of the famous Cara Delevingne. McDonald’s uses your Snapchat profile to share exclusive advertising pieces that it does not show on other channels.

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The most remembered campaign is Jamaica whatsapp number list famous Choose lovin , a set of several 10-second videos that related the brand to love and reconciliation between enemies. Here is a compilation of some of them: . When it comes to “falling in love” with audiences, the young people and young adults of the Millennial generation (also known as “Generation Y” or those born between 1980 and the end of the 90s) are a demanding public that if we know how to reach them correctly, for example through a good web page , we will have a lot of ground gained to conquer your heart. But how to catch this generation through the website? What do they hope to find there? If your business has this age group as its target audience, keep in mind this article that shows you what the best web pages should have to “hook” this audience.

Jamaica whatsapp number list

The website downloads fast Millennials tend to close those “heavy” pages that take a long time to view. Think about this: Have a clear and simple navigation map . Check that all the menus are useful and that they point to where they should go. Do not clutter with images ; focus on a few, but of good quality. Avoid setting the site to music, as it can be invasive and makes it heavier. The flash format is sent to pick up. In addition to delaying the download, it is an incompatible format with search engines. . 2. That it has a “clean”, current and orderly design Everything enters through the eyes; so Millennials like to see: Simple, modern and little ornate designs.

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A balance between the amount of images, text and other resources. A nice and simple typeface on the eye with a light color palette. The least amount (hopefully none) of pop-up or pop-up windows, as they consider this type of advertising invasive and distracting. 3. That the page looks good from the mobile This is the generation that consumes the most mobile Internet: according to the Global Web Index, 74% of these people connect through these devices. Thus: Make sure the website looks good on any device (tablet, smartphone, cell phone), as 68% of Millennials leave the website otherwise. Not necessarily everything that is seen on a tablet or a PC, is seen well on a cell phone. It is important to define (if necessary) what to display on each device.

If you are in the process of creating your website, the best is responsive design . Otherwise, an adaptive design is in your best interest. BLOG-PUBLIC 4. Offer video content This is also the generation that has the greatest predilection for these contents; in fact, 72% of them use YouTube. If you want to make them fall in love, do not forget: Short, tutorial-type videos are highly popular and appeal to Millennials. Promote that these contents always teach the user something. Create stories, don’t sell products. Hook from the emotional and show the experience of others

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