Effective World Und Kuehlhaus Ag – the Best of Both Worlds

In October 2015, the effective world Group and kuehlhaus AG, two of the leading agencies in Mannheim, became strategical partners. One might ask: “Why? Aren’t they competitors?” The Agencies Well, we are, but not quite. Both agencies are known for their long-term costumer relationships and high-quality solutions paired with professional services, especially in the B2B market. And although we both focus on online marketing and technology, our ranges of Armenia WhatsApp Number List services do not compete with, but rather complement each other perfectly. The kuehlhaus AG has established itself as a renowned agency in the creation of international websites, their conception, web design/UX design, shop and E-commerce solutions, as well as in the full technical area including ERP-connection.

On the other hand, effective world takes care of all operative marketing responsibilities and the optimization of existing online presences for B2B companies around the world, to improve their visibility, to extend their global reach and to maximize their return on investment. Thumnail_Kuehlhaus_280x140.jpg A Symbiotic Partnership Customers profit from the partnership in several ways. First of all, an additional point of view can be guaranteed in joint projects. Not only is the management separated, which gives bigger room for open discussions and different viewpoints, but when, for example,

Kuehlhaus Is Asked to Set Up a New Website

effective world can serve as a neutral observer and give advices which technical and linguistic features should be applied. This reduces time for following steps, lik search engine optimization and other marketing tasks. Respectively, effective world can always count on the profound technical knowledge of the kuehlhaus AG to reach the costumers marketing goals. Furthermore, the effective world subsidiaries in China, Singapore, Turkey, Germany, France, Spain, and the USA, provide all joint customers with direct contact people, who have a global point of view, know the local markets and can contribute in-depth, intercultural knowledge.

Your Tag Team for any Online Marketing Endeavor All in all, one must say that the new partnership is a full win-win constellation: The agencies profit from the knowledge exchange, and new, as well as existing customers, can rely on even better services. So, no matter if you want to expand your global online presence or need assistance with new digital marketing strategies, effective world and the kuehlhaus AG are your tag team that gets the job done. Find out more about the kuehlhaus AG kuehlhaus_Logo_RGB.svg The customers of the kuehlhaus AG, which are national as well as international groups, appreciate the responsiveness and the efficiency of the owner-managed internet agency that puts a strong focus on long-term cooperation.

Since 1995 the Agency Has Been a Reliable

precious and competent partner for clients like 1&1 Internet, SAP, SCHIESSER, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies, VAG Group, VEGA or the Wilhelm Layher GmbH. With the more than 40 employees in Mannheim the kuehlhaus AG develops sustainable values and innovative solutions for their mainly individual projects. Core competences: development, UX design, usability, strategy, consulting Partners and Systems: Sitecore XP, TYPO3, Oxide Sales, …

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