The next day the new articles are live in the webshop. Barbara: “Then we start the marketing and social media mill. For the rest I am completely unburdened and because of that I have time for other things. Such as, for example, optimizing the Belgian webshop.”

How does fulfilment work?

A serious fulfillment partner can take care of the complete logistics for an online store. From stock management to picking orders, from packing and applying the labels to shipping and possible returns. And as an e-commerce entrepreneur, do you want to easily offer your products from one central stock on various platforms, such as or Amazon? Then your fulfillment partner can help with IT connections. PostNL also provides more convenience through handy plug-ins. Not only for linking supply and stock, but for, for example, offering various delivery options, the address check and track & trace.

Satisfied with the service

How it works for All orders arrive at Partners Email Lists Barbara, but are immediately sent to the PostNL system. “They pick the products, pack them in our own branded packaging and ship them immediately. The next day our clothes are already with the customer. That goes almost flawlessly, especially when you see how many orders we have. About 2,000 to 2,500 per month, with an average value of 70 to 80 euros.”

Partners Email Lists

And it doesn’t stop there when it comes to Barbara. “We want to optimize the processes so that we can handle more work with the same number of people. Maybe we’ll open a second webshop, or another platform. In any case, we want more. And we know that PostNL is growing with it. We have been faced with a takeover. Then I called our account manager at PostNL with the question: if we doubled tomorrow, would we make it? The answer was yes. That’s nice to know. They work well and neatly. That way the customers are satisfied. We often hear that everything is so neatly packed and delivered. We are happy with PostNL and our customers are happy with us. Win win.”

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