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Less than a video series And above all, it responds to a very strong customer demand based on multi-channel and multi-support If you liked this article, check out our customer experience page or check out our article on call centers still trending . Do you want to be supported in your process of increasing your leads ? We invite you to contact our teams for more information. A change in your marketing and sales strategies to sell to them. Therefore, their Myanmar Email List needs in terms of consumption are different from their predecessors, forcing brands (B2B or B2C) to adapt to this generation.

From a statistical point of view, when we talk about Generation Y and the digital transition, we know that: 74% of Internet users do a web search before making a purchase 92% of millennials take the steps below 95% of Gen Z do it too. 87% of those under 35 have a Facebook account 90% have at least one social network. 85% of Internet users make at least one purchase per year on the web 81.7 billion euros is the turnover of purchases in France on the web Consequently, they see their relationships with brands as a relationship of proximity, exchanges and common values ​​combining digital and human aspects.

Generation Y and digital transition: a real generational divide?

Can we say that the relationship between Generation Y and the digital transition vis-à-vis previous generations is a form of social divide? When we talk about the digital transition, we oppose two conceptions of the world, one digitized and the other not. A world operating on traditional tools thus forming a brand-consumer communication and not an exchange. In short, digital has allowed everyone to go from a virtual non-communication to a wealth of information while having a real influence on business decisions. When we talk about the generational divide it is above all on the question of the use of digital. Generation Y, unlike X, is teaching an older generation the use of digital.

There is therefore a change in mentalities that must be taken into account when discussing the digital transition. In addition, Generation Y understood from the start that digital was a great tool to make your voice heard. The effect naturally ripples through their personal and professional lives. Therefore, Generation Y has a natural need to participate in projects and see their contribution valued. From a professional point of view, Generation Y and the digital transition are closely linked. Having fallen into it small, the Ys favor a collaborative system rather than a bottom-up which imposes new types of management. As a result, Generation Y, like previous generations, has succeeded in bending brands over their marketing approaches.

Today, being a full-fledged player in a brand is an important leitmotif

However, who says digital, says speed of exchanges while paying particular attention to your reputation. Because yes, Generation Y and the digital transition in their relationships with brands can make and break a reputation. Generation Y and digital transition what progress? When we talk about the digital transition, we must also think about the various technological advances initiated and developed by the Y. Today, many digital tools are being developed to offer a better customer relationship with the satisfaction rate as the primary objective. So let’s take a look at these main digital tools and their uses in the digital transition. Chatbots, voice bots or conversational agents , are today the most media tool of this digital transformation.

Indeed, these tools make it possible to better orient a request and thus save processing time. This is today a key issue because digital has accentuated the desire for rapid exchanges. In addition, Generation Y is often described as being the zappig generation so if the speed of exchanges is not there then they will go to the competition. Chatbots therefore make it possible to overcome this Artificial intelligence in everyone’s mind today is one of the big changes initiated for the Ys but also the Zs. From a marketing point of view, this small revolution makes it possible to better anticipate the needs of consumers. Thus it responds to an increasingly growing demand: the hyper-personalization of demand.

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