Everyone wants to stand out and the truth is that this is the main reason for creating an identity for your brand. How do your consumers distinguish you in a shelf full of other products? Thanks to your logo. The process of a logo design is long, if you sell cars it is not just about putting one above your name. It has to attract the attention of the consumer and make it remain engraved in their memory. The logo helps to build the However visual image of the company. And is the maximum expression of the personality of a brand. This is complemented by your website. The website could be considered as the first point of contact for many clients. Therefore, communicating your brand through your logo design and your website becomes imperative. For any company that intends to succeed in the digital world.

The Reality Is That

However There are no rules to make a logo design, the designers generally have all the creative license, however, there are some characteristics that you should consider. What are the elements that the logo of Starbucks, Apple or McDonald Lithuania Phone Number have that makes iconic? Discover it here 1. Have the history Therefore First of all, what are you going to design? Taking into account your history, achievements, early failures, can inspire you to find a suitable style. Always remember that people buy emotions, status levels, experiences, etc. Asking However yourself the right questions saves you, in the future, many corrections. why are you here?  If you notice, you are not asking directly about a style, because surely you do not have a clear idea, but you are asking about intentions, feelings, expectations that your design has to fulfill.

Start With Basic Shapes

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However What we remember most, what first catches our attention is the basics. What the brain does not have to process much. Start with the most basic element/service of the business. Play with its variants, play them several times and Therefore save all the results. The creative process does not have an order, it arises from some impulse or memory. Those sketches can serve you later if you think you lack inspiration. Black and white working in black and white allows you to simply play with the shapes and the basic idea that you want to convey.

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