Example of website legal notices

First of all, what is website legal notice? For starters, the imprint is mandatory information to be included on your website according to the law of June 21, 2004, and August 3, 2004, for confidence in the ‘ digital economy. Also, you will find in this article models of legal notices which can guide you in your development of yours. They are important Vietnam Email List to put in place and if it is not there, you will be held responsible. Legal notices: What is it? The legal details are particulars that must appear on all communication materials that your business creates.

Regarding websites, they provide visitors with certain transparency concerning them and also inform them of the identity of the natural or legal person who transmits the content, the owner of the site, the contact details of the publisher and host. The LCEN (the law of confidence in the digital economy) has set the list of mandatory legal notices to be included since 2004. Legal notices to appear on your site Under individuals As an individual, you can edit a site in a personal capacity such as a blog and not necessarily put it forward on your website, your legal notices from the moment your host becomes aware of them and holds them.

But in case you still want to include them, here they are:

Last name First Name, Address Phone number Contact details of the website host The creator of the site can therefore either remain anonymous or transmit his information to his host or even put it forward if he wishes for his intellectual property. The host will be obliged to transmit this information in the event of a legal problem. Google position SEO analysis For professionals As a professional, things vary depending on your legal status: If you are a natural person such as a self-employed person, EIRL or a sole proprietorship or if you are a legal person, therefore a company such as SA, SAS, EURL, or SARL.

If you are considered a natural person, you have the same obligations as an individual with one difference: you are obliged to put forward their legal notices and your policy of cookies and hypertext links. A reminder of its legal notices: Last name First Name Address Phone number E-mail address Contact details of your host with its name or company name, telephone number and address. If you are considered a legal person, in this case, other legal notices are mandatory and must appear.

Here are the following legal notices:

Company name or name (company name) Registered Address Last name & first name of the website manager and/or that of the editorial manager, Contact with phone number & e-mail Economic nature and social capital Contact details of the site host with its company name, telephone number, and address. Attention, if you market products on your website, you are obliged to display your general conditions of sale.

Depending on the activity you are following, other legal notices must appear with the others. Here they are: For commercial activities: you must add your registration number in the Trade and Companies Register (RCS) and the intra-community VAT number. For regulated professions: you must specify the professional rules with which you are confronted and relate to your profession. Information regarding your graduation, country, and the name of the issuing authority. For professions subject to an authorization regime: you must put forward the contact details of the authority which issued you the authorization.

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