Export and customer relations: a first step towards internationalization?

How to achieve a good customer relationship when you have an ambition of international development? Are export and customer relations compatible? Export is a real challenge for a company because it can be beneficial as well as a risk. These risks can be various, whether they are financial or related to the brand image. An appropriate policy is, therefore, necessary in order to make customer relations an important development factor. In addition, the Burkina Faso Email List customer relationship is today one of the essential factors of an effective commercial strategy.

Digital technology and generations Y and Z are now pushing towards a real customer relationship, transforming the consumer into the state of consumer actor. The influence of these three factors means that today the customer relationship is multichannel and the multichannel goes through the web. The web, thanks to its international dimension, is already a first step towards the internationalization of your customer relationship. Therefore, we can ask ourselves if export and relation are compatible? If it is possible to go beyond the limits of borders and offer a qualified experience to all of its customers?

Feedback on the challenges of customer relations

The customer relationship is built around actions allowing the improvement of the quality of interactions with the aim of increasing sales. The concept of loyalty is just as important in the customer relationship process. Indeed, beyond the act of purchase, the customer relationship goes through an interaction whether telephone, human, or chatbots. Apart from loyalty, customer relationship management promotes customer engagement. As mentioned in the introduction, consumers have a need to become an actor in brands and not just a buyer.


The customer relationship today puts the customer and his well-being before the purchase. By involving consumers, do you retain them because they feel concerned by a brand’s policies? In a way today, we no longer have a form of business/customer relationship. Customers via the web are enormously informed and make them knowledgeable consumers. If you lie to them, you lose their trust and your reputation will deteriorate. Consequently, beyond the act of purchase itself, the customer relationship matters as much as the price or the quality.

The quality of interactions with the brand is therefore

One of the key elements of customer satisfaction. Via customer satisfaction will judge the credibility of a company. Different rating systems or social networks influence consumers’ choices. A bad customer relationship almost automatically results in a bad rating which causes a drop in leads and sales. The customer relationship is therefore of paramount importance for the increase of your sales and the loyalty of the latter. Export and customer relationship how is it going? How does the exchange between export and customer relationship actually take place? How to meet the different expectations of customers wishing to export internationally? Why take a particular interest in this form of the customer relationship?

Export and customer relations are now possible but above all compulsory. As mentioned previously, the customer relationship is essential to a complete sales strategy. Going to export your products or services to a foreign country does not mean you have to forget your customer relationship. On the contrary, it must be as perfect as possible. Setting up in another country is like another chance to perform while leaving with a new reputation. Especially since each country has its own ways of thinking and interpreting the relationship with customers.

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