Exporting your B2B activity: what costs are to be expected?

Exporting your B2B activity is a very interesting option for those who wish to develop commercially. It is indeed quite likely that the need that a company meets is also present in other countries. So why not put your experience at the service of this new market? This would allow it all the more to develop its sales and at the same time its turnover, its notoriety, etc. In theory, everyone is a winner: it meets a need while developing its activity. However, you can Antigua and Barbuda Email List very quickly be faced with many difficulties when you want to export your B2B activity. The issue of cost is not to be taken lightly. It is therefore essential to consider the different sources of costs so as not to be caught off guard.

The different steps to follow to export your B2B activity Before exporting your B2B activity, it is important to follow certain steps in order to fully understand the new target market. This allows you to know where you are heading, anticipate certain unexpected situations, and above all anticipate future costs. All this will lead to the development of the business plan, which will allow adapt your offer to the needs of the new market to enter. You will be able to answer them as accurately as possible, thereby granting you

Carry out a market study and a business plan

The first essential step is that of market research. This allows you to better understand the target country, its needs and how your offer can meet them. You can also refine the target targeted by your offer, or the geographical area in which you will be established. This may indeed diverge somewhat from your initial market. It is therefore important to adapt to local specificities. In addition, if the chosen country has a very large territory, it can be difficult to be operational immediately everywhere. It may therefore be relevant to initially target a small geographic area in which the need to which you are responding is very present.more market share.

Generate leads Once you know exactly what form the activity you will be proposing will take, comes the prospecting stage. Exporting your B2B activity is indeed a great goal, but there is nothing without customers. Prospecting abroad can seem very complicated, so it is interesting to start with digital prospecting. This will avoid exorbitant costs, such as sending a sales representative on site before you have generated qualified leads. To be as effective as possible, we advise you to develop your presence on social networks as much as possible. You will thus be present in your target market which will develop your notoriety, without the costs inherent in a physical presence. You can also opt for a complete digital lead generation strategy.


Adapt your content

Who says exporting his B2B activity necessarily implies adapting his site to the local language. Translating your entire site is therefore essential. The same goes for important media (PowerPoint presentations, contracts, invoices, customer testimonials, etc.). It is also recommended that you create content specific to this new market, in order to speak directly to your new leads. Thus, it is quite relevant to develop a blog specific to your new target, a white paper, videos, infographics, etc. This will allow you all the more to feed your social networks in order to establish your presence in the market that you are seeking to integrate.


Internalize or outsource the costs to export your B2B activity? Each of the steps detailed above can be carried out either internally or be outsourced. Exporting your B2B activity can quickly turn out to be time-consuming and very expensive, so it is important to carefully assess the time it will take for each action and the skills necessary to carry them out as well as possible. This will help you determine which ones are best to keep in-house and which ones you will outsource.

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