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Facebook’s advertising platform Germany Phone number dates back to the first introduction of Facebook in 2004, undergoing significant changes over the years to become the powerhouse advertising platform it has become today. Facebook generates a staggering 98% of its global revenue from its advertising platform alone – an estimated $40 billion in 2017. And with more and more additions to the platform rolled out on a seemingly incessant basis. Facebook shows Germany Phone Number no signs of slowing down its investment in offering paid advertising options.

Partner Germany Phone Number Categories

In April 2013, Facebook’s advertising platform Germany Phone Number unveiled targeting based on Partner Categories. This information was complied by third-party data aggregators. Thus, such as Acxiom, Epsilon, Experian, and Oracle Data Cloud allowed. Facebook marketers to target users based on behavioral information both on and off line. Things like homeownership, purchase history and buying patterns, or occupations. This third-party data allowed advertisers to zero in on their desired. Plus, the audience and propelled Facebook’s advertising platform to become a rival to. Google AdWords within just a few years. Because Germany Phone Number this data has been such an integral part of Facebook’s advertising. Thus, platform for the past five years, marketers anticipate the removal will impact the effectiveness of Facebook ads. New ads launched after August 15 will give us a better idea of the targeting. Plus, available after the removal of Partner Categories.

Custom Germany Phone Number Audiences

However, Facebook’s Germany Phone Number Custom Audience feature allows users to upload a list of contacts. Thus, creating a custom-built audience to see a company’s ads. This allows companies to target users. Plus, who signed up to receive emails or purchased something online. For law firms, this could include a list of current or former clients. However, This feature has always been a great way to target users already familiar with. Thus, your brand but perhaps in need Germany Phone Number of a reminder. However, With the recent uproar regarding privacy issues for Facebook users. Thus, the wake of the Cambridge Analytica breach, along with the new GDPR regulations implemented in Europe, Facebook announced on March 28, 2018 it would discontinue Partner Categories targeting.


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