Facebook Live April 28, 2021: Improve its web visibility and digital communication

Facebook Live : Rate our Facebook event on Wednesday April 28, 2021 on communicating on the web and improving your visibility . This Facebook Live , from the series “Les Lives Confinés” from the organization company Histoires de Fées, invites us to intervene on the themes of digital communication, the management of social networks and how to develop its visibility on the Web . Start of the conference at 8:30 p.m. (free participation). Link to follow the Kiribati Email Lists conference here Global web agency for SEO and marketing content creation PARTICIPANTS IN LIVE FACEBOOK: IMPROVE ITS WEB VISIBILITY Communicate on Facebook with your prospects and customers LIVE FACEBOOK ORGANIZER

Fairy Stories Nîmes Laure MOLINER – Creator of Well-Being events INVITED Nimes & Montpellier Web Agency Jessica M. – Junior Project Manager Sandy V. – Digital & SEO Consultant Facebook Live Improve website visibility and Digital Communication April 28, 2021 In this Facebook Live we will be able to address several themes around the digitization of VSEs & SMEs. – What is digital marketing? Also what are the advantages of a website? And how can Google bring you more customers? – What is a Community Manager? But what is the role of a CM? The usefulness of social networks? And what types of businesses are affected?

To do this, compress them using a tool like Compressor

Io or Image Optimizer and try not to exceed a weight of 150KB and a width of 1920px. SXO : The responsive aspect of your site Then, responsive design has been a referencing criterion for several years, but its importance has increased tenfold with the arrival of the Mobile First Index. The SXO Marketing makes it an essential variable. Unless you have a mobile version of your site, it is imperative to have a responsive design site to improve your UX SEO, or SXO but also your conversion rates. To sum up, responsive design should allow your site to adapt correctly on a mobile screen.

The elements must be easily clickable, the texts large enough to be readable, the menu easily accessible etc…. Responsive mode requires you to “sacrifice” certain elements of the pages that would harm the UX. This is often the case with sliders and other merchandising elements. The responsive version of a site is generally more refined so as not to disrupt the UX and to maintain correct loading times. If you are working on a CMS (Prestashop, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento etc), you will easily find responsive SXO Friendly themes . But beware, they are not all created equal.

Do not hesitate to have them tested by several people in pre-production

Make sure that they do not impact the performance of the site. Paid and free referencing agency since 2006 SXO : Using a service provider specializing in website referencing, such as Extern’Market, will allow you to develop a tailor-made SEM , SEO , SEA , SMO and SXO SEO strategy . To be contacted by one of our web project managers, please fill out the form below: 88% of local searches made for a cell phone result in an action (phone calls or visits). WHO ARE WE ? SEO agency since 2006 Digital marketing agency since 2006 The SEO Google requires skills and expertise in-house and an awful lot of time. It will therefore be easier, more efficient and more profitable for you to call on a specialist service provider.

Extern’Market is a communication agency specialized since 2006 in web, SEO & Marketing outsourcing . Located between Nîmes and Montpellier, our core business is marketing and digital communication for VSEs, SMEs, Key Accounts and independents. Our job is to support you in all digital projects in order to be advised by specialist experts. Reports are reported to you every semester in order to assess, together, the evolution of the latest results. What are our missions in website SEO? Our working method and structure consist in determining together: The strategic pages of your website.

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