If you run paid advertisements on Facebook or are thinking about doing so, then you may have read about the various statistics Indonesia Phone Number that are measured, which show the performance of your campaigns. One particularly important statistic to note is the relevance score. In this blog, paid search specialists Hallam Internet Indonesia Phone Number discuss what a Facebook relevance score is, how it works, and how you can improve yours. What is a Facebook Relevancy Score? Essentially, Facebook’s relevancy score is an assessment of the performance of your Facebook ad. It’s influenc by the positive and negative actions that viewers have carried out. Therefore, it’s a good indicator as to how your ad has been perceive by its target audience.

A Higher Relevancy Score Indonesia Phone Number

Means it’s receiv a more significant number of positive reactions which in turn, will make your ads cheaper. Click To TweetYou want your score to be as high as possible. Facebook Relevance Score How Indonesia Phone Number Do Facebook Relevancy Scores Work? A relevance score will only be calculat once it’s receiv at least 500 impressions. The maximum value is 10, and you’ll notice that this figure continually Indonesia Phone Number changes while your ad is live. The reason for this is that every time an interaction takes place—whether it’s positive or negative—the score will update to reflect that. Why Does Your Relevance Score Matter? Think of it as Facebook’s version of Google AdWords’ quality score.

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Indonesia Phone Number

Put simply, the higher an ad’s relevance score is, the less it will cost to deliver.A lower cost is a definite indonesia phone number benefit. But there are additional advantages to have a high relevance score. It reflects your content’s engagement levels engagement plays a huge part. In whether or not your facebook ads are determin indonesia phone number a success. Click To Tweet Engagement for Facebook has a broad definition. It can be defin as a click on your ad, doing an action and ultimately. Converting how you define conversion, is up to you. If viewers aren’t engaging with your ad then facebook. Will view your ad as poor quality and mark your relevancy score down.

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