Marketing technology took a lot of big steps forward in 2015. Predictive analytics, engagement marketing, and account-based Bahamas Phone Number marketing all took hold, and companies like Facebook announce that more than 8 billion Bahamas Phone Number videos are viewed every day on their social network. Whoa, wait a minute, WHAT?! Yes, that’s a ridiculously huge number and just one of the many stats that suggest video is one of the hottest trends that marketers need to watch for. In 2015, video went from a consumer marketing rock star to a mainstream medium for B2B marketers, proving itself as an indispensable weapon in the battle for attention spans and audience engagement.

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Marketers now use video in some way, according to a recent study by the Web Video Marketing Council. Video has Bahamas Phone Number shifted from being just a brand-building tool at the top of the sales funnel to being used throughout the buying journey to engage audiences with product explanations, demos, customer testimonials, and much more. And for good reason: 74% of B2B marketers now say video content produces Bahamas Phone Number conversions better than other forms of content. Aberdeen Research also reports that organizations that use video successfully grow their revenue 49% faster than those that don’t. As I look into my crystal cup-of-coffee and peer into the future, here are my top five predictions for video marketing this coming year From lean-back to lean-forward On-demand video content primarily has been use for a one-way dialog with online audiences much like other forms of content.

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A lean-back experience. This year, watching videos will become more active–and interactive. We’ll see Bahamas phone number more lean-forward opportunities with. Mid-roll surveys and questionnaires and choose-your-own-adventure. Style videos that enable marketers to turn videos into two-way conversations and gather. Bahamas phone number some In addition important intent data from their viewers while they’re at it. Interactive video 2. From generic to personal video content will get personal. With more and more marketers using automated In addition video personalization to bring viewers. Into the story (and boost conversion rates as a result). They’ll weave the viewer’s name, company logo, or Linkedin picture seamlessly into the video content. To draw the viewer into the story and create a unique and memorable experience.



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