Filling in the Information About Your Establishment Such as, for Example

Opening hours, means of contact (telephone number, website, email address, description, or even year of operation). You will also have the possibility to add photos to highlight your establishment. The most used features on a Google My Business page You have the possibility of optimizing your Google My Business by informing your customers of your news, novelties, promotions or even events. For this, different publication options are available Lithuania Phone Number List to you! Create engaging posts The posts will allow you to highlight your news with a description, an image highlighted in the right format (we recommend 750 x 750 pixels with a minimum of 250 x 250 pixels) but also with the link of your website, from a blog post or from your social networks.

We recommend that you keep your text short and punchy to get your point across quickly. Create a Google My Business post Post tempting offers Are you setting up an exceptional promotion ? Post it on your Google My Business page. In a few clicks you add a photo, put a title to your offer and set a start and end date. You can add optional information such as a promotional code, a link to your offer or the terms of use. When your offer expires (depending on the end date), it will no longer be visible on your page (useful to prevent your customers from viewing your invalid offers).

Highlight Your Events to Attract Your Customers in a Simple Way

You can broadcast your event by informing your customers about the date and the important things to know. You can also add a button with a link highlighting the event. Communicate about your flagship products Share the products you want to feature on your Google My Business page. Highlight the price or price range and present your products quickly. Note: depending on the type of page you have selected, you will have specific publication possibilities! EVALUATE YOUR STATISTICS AND YOUR IMPACT Easily create a Google My Business account With your Google My Business page, you will be able to analyze your impact according to various criteria. The goal is to assess the traffic that your page brings to you.

For this, you have the possibility of evaluating the different actions of your visitors to understand how they behave on your page, such as: How many visitors have viewed your website The number of route requests to get to your company The different clicks on the “call” function The number of times people have viewed your photos How visitors reached your page: by doing a search on Google, by typing your name, according to the queries entered …

Namely: to Analyze Your Statistics, You Have Only Three Possibilities

Concerning the choice of the periods to be evaluated. You can select the last week, the last month or the last semester. Unfortunately, you will not be able to choose specific periods. To conclude : The professional Google My Business platform is the ideal tool for promoting your company on the web . Sharing important information allowing Internet users to discover your company, or better yet, to contact you, it will help develop your visibility . Web referencing, increase in traffic, dissemination of news, search for establishments according to geolocation or even development of traffic on your site, Google My Business is the tool that will allow you to be present on the web easily and quickly .

since they will have to be completely transparent on the paid political advertisements which will be relayed on their respective platform. But this law has found its detractors . Many journalists, lawyers and other parliamentarians consider this anti-fake news law ineffective, even dangerous for freedom of opinion, fearing that citizens will censor themselves for fear of exposing possibly false information. The elimination, or at least the moderation, of fake news therefore remains a complex and controversial subject . The anti-fake news law therefore has a long way to go before being fully adopted by everyone.

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