Find Royalty-free Images in 2020

Royalty-free images are images licensed for personal reuse and modification . Concretely, using royalty-free images will allow you to retrieve visuals for your activity without having to take pictures yourself or without calling a photographer. This is a method widely used by companies since it saves time and considerable savings since it ensures you will not see your content deleted following a claim for copyright infringement . Use Google Images to Pakistan Phone Number List find free royalty-free images In this article, your digital communications expert explains everything you need to know about the new image search and in particular how to search for a royalty- free image on Google Images since the October 2020 update .

THE NEW GOOGLE IMAGES UPDATE Search for your royalty-free images directly on Google Images Before the modification of the user licenses of October 2020, it was possible to search for royalty-free images directly from Google Images by going to the Tools -> User rights tab. You could thus select a filter allowing you to search for images corresponding to the criterion of rights of use chosen . You had several choices: Authorized reuse, Reuse and modification authorized, Reuse authorized without commercial purpose, Reuse and modifications permitted without commercial purpose. While doing your image searches recently, you may have noticed that these filters no longer exist and have been replaced by:

“Creative Commons licenses” and “Commercial licenses and other types”

In other words, all the images present on this search tab are subject to license. Google has indeed announced the establishment of a new policy in terms of image search. The company published on August 31 on its blog: “With an almost infinite number of images online, finding the right image and knowing how to use it responsibly is not always easy.” The aim is clearly to fight against the misuse of licensed images without the authorization of their creator . The objective is to provide authors with greater management of the rights to use their visuals on the internet. Opt for royalty-free visuals! Images sorted by licenses on Google Images from the “Tools> Usage rights” tab now have a small symbol if the creator provided licensing information.

When clicking on an image, you can now see information about the creator, copyright and credits of the image , along with a link to license details . Clicking on this link will bring you to an informative page about restrictions on this image in terms of use and how to obtain a license to use it . It is therefore no longer so easy to recover a royalty-free image, but there are several methods and Jadéclo explains them in detail in the rest of the article. HOW TO FIND ROYALTY-FREE IMAGES Via the Creative Commons Licenses of Google Images Contrary to what one might think at first glance, this update did not bury the search for royalty-free images on Google Images .

You must now go to Google Images in the “Tools”

tab then “User rights” and select “Creative Commons licenses”. Recover royalty-free images from google Now click on the image you desire and you will see a link to “License Details”. Click on it and you will be redirected to the creative commons website. Google images allows you to find iamges with a creative commons license View details of licensed images If you come across this page with the title: “Copyright-Only Dedication * (based on United States law) or Public Domain Certification” then the image is subject to the Creative Commons 0 License (CC-0) and belongs to the domain public: you can reuse it and / or modify it without any fear, regardless of the purpose, whether it is commercial or not.

Likewise if you see on the page: “Public Domain Trademark” or “Transfer in the Public Domain”. Image licensed under CC-0 is in the public domain Adapt to licenses If the image found is not in the public domain, the fastest way is to adapt to the licenses. This may take time but will give you peace of mind regarding copyright. Refer to the information provided on the site to obtain a right of use. You will often have to make an attribution, that is to say add near the photo a copyright notice , a simple sentence stating that the image does not belong to you with the name of the owner and a link to the source image.

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