Find the Free Royalty-free Image Bank That Suits You!

Find the free royalty-free image bank that suits you! SMALL PUZZLESFEBRUARY 28, 2020 Are you quietly preparing your editorial calendar by developing your next posts on Facebook and Instagram, but you do not know where to find your visuals? Don’t panic, Jadéclo is here for you! Your digital communication agency has prepared a top 5 of the Costa Rica Phone Numbers List best image banks for you so that you can find THE free royalty- free image bank that suits you! These image banks are used by many digital players: community manager, graphic designer, content manager, project manager…

all of them will one day need visuals for their creations. But hiring a professional photographer entails significant costs for the company. Therefore, the ideal solution is to use a free royalty-free photo ! These image banks give you access to thousands of quality visuals, all under the Creative Commons 0 (CC0) license . This license means that you can download, use, customize and modify these visuals free of charge and freely , without any copyright restrictions. So you can use them for commercial use as much as you want.

Pixabay: a Wide Choice of Visuals

The Pixabay image bank is one of the largest and most comprehensive that you can find on the internet today. It alone brings together more than a million quality visuals , provided by amateur photographers. Discover Pixabay, one of the free royalty-free image banks! After typing your search on Pixabay, you can filter visual results by orientation, size, category, or color. Once you’ve downloaded your royalty-free photo for commercial use , you can choose the size of the photo from four possible choices. Note : Burst is afully English platform, so your keywords will need to be in Shakespeare’s language

For example, for a photo in landscape mode, you will have the choice between: 640 × 426, 1280 × 853, 1920 × 1279 and in High Definition. If you want to download your visual in High Definition, you will first need to create an account on the platform. Note : on Pixabay you can find free and royalty-free photos, but alsoillustrations, vectors and videos. Once your image is found, you can download it in low or high definition. You can also directly click on “Create your website with your photo”. You will be redirected to the Shopify site to create your e-commerce site. To help people who want to create their website, you will find on the platform many tips and tricks to develop your business .

Unsplash: High Quality Photos for Your Creations

Second free image bank of our top, Unsplash . Here again, nearly 1.5 million visuals are made available to you free of charge. The photos are taken by a community of over 150,000 professional and amateur photographers . This free image bank for graphic designers is renowned for offering very good quality, high definition photos. The visuals are beautiful and have a very professional rendering , worthy of the biggest Instagram accounts or the biggest photographers. When you do a visual keyword search, you can filter the results by orientation or color dominance. You also have access to collections of visuals grouping together several images of the same theme , allowing you to facilitate your research.

You can also directly consult photos classified by categories, such as “Nature”, “Food”, “Film”, “Animals” etc. Find many visuals on Unsplash, your free royalty-free image bank! Note : the Unsplash platform is entirely in English, so you must do your research for visuals in English! BURST: VALUABLE TIPS TO START YOUR E-COMMERCE SITE Burst is a free , royalty- free stock photo bank hosted by Shopify. Shopify is an online platform that allows companies or individuals to create their e-commerce site. This is why, in order to support its users in the development of their business, Shopify has developed its own free image bank . Use Burst for your creations, the free royalty-free image bank! On Burst, the visuals are presented in the form of collections in order to facilitate your research. You can also do a keyword search for the photo you want.

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