First Of All, The Establishment Of A Person In Charge

In the company of the B2B RGPD, as much with your providers as the data hosts. Also, compliance with the general data protection regulations by your contacts. In addition, the authorization must be specific and distinct. Finally, set up confidentiality clauses and opt-in * form to respect user rights. They will be used to inform them about the conditions of processing personal data, allowing them to erase, copy or modify their data. Finally, allow them to UAE Mobile Number Database oppose their data. Opt-in becomes the rule of the GDPR As a result, we go from the principle of Opt-out (I unsubscribe) to Opt-in (I subscribe voluntarily). Also, the GDPR between professionals will not require you to resort to the double opt-in when subscribing to your emailing lists. Therefore, it follows that, unlike the B2C emailing regime, the explicit consent of the Internet user is not mandatory in B2B GDPR.

However, the opt-in remains optional in B2B GDPR. And beware, the possibility of future harmonization cannot be ruled out on the GDPR in BtoB. And in all cases, the practice of opt-in offers better guarantees on the real interest of Internet users in receiving your messages. The double opt-in will ensure a better quality of the databases and a greater precision on the results of the emailing campaigns. GDPR and B2B: how to comply? GDPR and B2B: how to comply? – Credit-Capri23-Pixabay GDPR in BtoB: obligations First, in the event of data piracy, the GDPR sets up and above all imposes the right to information.

Indeed, any organization, subject to data collection

A victim of hacking must imperatively inform the CNIL or the main parties concerned. And of course, if this disclosure is not a security issue, notification to individuals is not mandatory. And in this case, the controller must implement additional technical and organizational protection measures. GDPR and B2B: The legal bases To this end, the CNIL will inform you through practical sheets. Also, if you do not have a personal data protection officer, outsource your marketing service with Extern Market. And together we will take care of the rules and measures to be put in place.

You will then hear a beep which will indicate that your phone has correctly read the QR Code. An action will then be triggered. Then it can be for example the appearance of a window or an automatic call. Which QR code to choose? There are two types of QR codes: First of all: the static QR code. Or, the dynamic QR code. The dynamic QR code allows you to change the URL you entered. This can be very useful if you change your domain name or if you want to change the document your QR code points to. With static code, this operation is not possible.

The dynamic code also allows you to have statistics

Such as the number of scans, the city, or the country. Then you will have to choose the color and the shape. Indeed, you can customize its color and change the design of the eyes. You can also add your company logo or the logo of your favorite social network on it. Unlike the static QR code, it is not free. It is therefore important to weigh the pros and cons before making your choice, especially if you have a very small budget. Restaurant menu digitized with QR Code SEO site for restaurants Here is the presentation of the My Menu Restaurant service.

Here you will find an example of a digitized menu to highlight via a QR Code. And here the page of Restaurant El trio on the dedicated site, Tapas bar in the city center of Nimes, discover their Facebook page. Conclusion As you will have understood, the QR code is a very useful modern marketing tool. As we have seen previously, it has several undeniable advantages that should not be overlooked. If you are interested and need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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