Five Tips on How to Maximise Your Company Page on Linkedin

LinkedIn is a marketing platform for millions of business professionals. According to the most recent statistic, this social network reports 414 million users and it covers more than 200 countries and territories. These figures are expected to be increasing rapidly as LinkedIn’s publishing platform will become available in more languages in the future. LinkedIn is a great tool to help marketers forge relationships with the world’s largest Bahamas WhatsApp Number List professional community, provide opportunities for companies to drive awareness, identify new leads and ultimately increase sales.

The research was found that members are almost 50% more likely to buy from a company they engage with on LinkedIn and definitely, it plays an important role in every company’s content marketing strategy. Here are the five tips on how to maximise your company page on LinkedIn: 1. Establish presence It is important to provide a great narrative by making use of all editable parts of the profile like company description, specialities, industry, website and so on. Try to present your company in the most appealing way possible and always include eye-catching images.

All the Details Should Be Written Using Powerful Sentences

Strong keywords as information like company description and name are SEO friendly. Also, remember to build showcase pages to highlight the products and services that the company offers. Customers and leads can follow these sub-pages to stay updated about news, products or services that they are interested in while you will be able to select relevant products to feature to a specific audience. 2. Attract followers Encourage employees to complete their profiles and include a link to the company pages. This helps to increase the company awareness through the employees’ networks.

On your company website, add a LinkedIn follow button to allow members to follow your company with a single off platform click. Always make use of the search bar to look for your target groups by keywords then actively contribute to discussions as those groups are relevant to the industries and customers you serve. More Followers on LinkedIn 3. Engage followers Company status updates help to develop conversations that are useful to nourish relationships with followers. It also lets customers and potential leads know what your brand is up to and where it is headed.

Do Think of What Your Followers Expect to Get From the Status Update

Share your success stories, tips, relevant industry news and encourage others to engage with you about what’s on their minds. This way you can build the company’s reputation and a relationship with your followers which then help to convert followers into loyal customers. Always post regularly. Statistics show that companies that post at least 20% per month reach at least 60% of their unique audience. Further, Google favours things that are updated frequently so it might help your company’s page to rank higher when searched. Be helpful and friendly, do not overly post promotional messages. Try to shorten the content to receive higher engagement and make sure that it provides a specific benefit to your followers.

Amplify your reach through the network The recommendation of your acquaintances and friends is likely to influence the perception of your company. Followers, likes, shares or comments serve as an endorsement of your content and brand. As members endorse your post across LinkedIn, your company gets the chance to build relationships with even more members. Thus, it is important to get support from your co-workers to share content among their own network. You should also invite customers to write a review on your Product and Services page and ask members for feedback on industry trends, business problems and new products on the market.

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