FNE Training for employees in partial unemployment

The training aid from the National Employment Fund is called the FNE Formation . In fact, the French State, via the DIRECCTE in your region, offers an unprecedented mechanism to maintain employment. 15 days to apply for FNE training aid to DIRECCTE The objective of this vocational training measure is to maintain employment within companies. But also to support French companies in their economic transition. This (unique) FNE training Lesotho Email List system should promote the adaptation of jobs in general. But also workstations themselves within the Post Covid-19 company with skills development .

Train current employees and maintain apprenticeship The state has just strengthened the system by extending the duration of the training until December 31, 2020 against June 30 initially. However, the financing request files must be sent to your OPCA or to the Direccte of your region before Tuesday June 30, 2020. Find out the details of the plan on the website of the Ministry of Employment . Also to read, the measures to maintain apprenticeship with a hiring aid at the signing of the apprenticeship contract .

FNE: vocational training system Which companies are eligible for this training system?

Since the decree of April 14, 2020, the State has supported the financing of training for employees on short-time working thanks to the strengthening of the FNE Training system . Training your teams until the end of the year means offering each employee a vision for the future. And also to strengthen group cohesion in the company a skills development plan. Finally, the FNE is a leading HR tool that is used to acquire internal skills that will make the difference tomorrow. You must therefore provide the date of acceptance by the Direccte or ASP Public of the implementation of partial unemployment for your company + the authorization number downloadable from the partial unemployment portal.

Also, only employees placed in partial activity will be able to claim the FNE system . Exclusions in eligible companies companies that have approved a conventional termination with the Direccte. Or who have notified the termination of the employment contract to the employee concerned (regardless of the type of contract and the type of termination). for a retirement from the moment that it integrates the framework of the plan to safeguard employment. Voluntary departure of the current employee. Which training courses are eligible for the FNE? The scope of training has just been widened and all training is now accepted.

From distance training to face-to-face training or a mix of the two

One exception : general safety training for the employer (article L.4121-1 and L.4121-2 of the labor code). What are the rates accepted by DIRECCTE or your OPCA / OPCO? € 1,500 including tax per employee What is the nature of the aid allocated? As the employee is on partial unemployment at the time of the training, the state will cover 100% of the educational costs up to € 1,500 including tax per employee for the FNE training . And what is the procedure to follow? Establish an FNE training agreement between the Direccte and an eligible company or via the OPCO skills operators. Tailor-made training in social media Please fill out the form below in order to contact you quickly to put together the training file and the various documents requested:

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