For Example, Is It Useful To Know The Political Opinions Of Your Employees?

This will remain your free will over the update period to be implemented. GDPR and personal data collected in the company Then who has access to this data within the company? Only those in charge of managing the file should be able to access personal data. So opt for restricted access to your database by including a password for the digital version. Finally, respect the rights of data subjects with the right to rectification and digital oblivion … The persons Morocco Email List concerned by the recording of personal data have rights over their data. You must take these rights into account during creation but also during data processing management.

Thus, when your company collects personal data , you must inform the persons concerned of the purpose of the processing, the reason for this data collection but also the period during which they will be kept. It will also be imperative to specify who will have access to their data and how they can exercise their right to rectification or right to digital oblivion. What does the law say about the right to digital oblivion? GDPR & Digital Oblivion Act The GDPR, which stands for European Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data , came into force on May 25, 2018.

This regulation is a very important change in the protection of personal data

Indeed, it legitimizes the right to erasure and to be forgotten in its article 17 . Indeed, article 17 recognizes the right to obtain from the data controller and the editor of a website. First, any person can request the erasure of their personal data . Then, he can order the cessation of the dissemination of his data . And particularly if the individual concerned no longer wishes their use. The law evolved in this direction at the end of 2014, through the case law of the Court of Justice of the European Union . This development recognizes the obligation of a search engine operator to delete information concerning him at the request of the interested party. The operator must delete all results obtained from a search carried out by the name of the person concerned.

But also on the urls which direct towards the web pages where the information appears. It is from this date that The right to digital oblivion and the GDPR begins to take shape. But it was under the impetus of European Directive 95/46 / EC of 24 October 1995 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data that it all started. And, above all, to the free flow of data. How to remove unwanted pages or information? Regarding the request to delete unwanted pages or content, here are the various known portals from which you can make this request:

Food stores must impose a restrictive number in the store )

And of course put in place the health instructions to limit the spread of the virus inside your place of reception. ᛴ Set up queue markings for access to your point of sale. ᛴ As far as possible, offer Hydroalcoholic gel. Finally, apply the “barrier gestures” to yourself: ᛴ Wash your hands regularly for 25/30 seconds (and up to the wrist). ᛴ And keep a distance of one meter from those around you. ᛴ If you cough, do it in the crease of your elbow, not your hands. If you are a self-employed or self-employed manager, attached to the social security of the self-employed: ᛴ Request assistance from the social action fund for exceptional financial assistance Download “Annex 1 help self-employed” Aide_travailleur_indépendant-Annexe-1-SSI_Aide_Financiere-URSSAF.

Downloaded 383 times – 439 KB Also note that it is also possible to adjust the rate and down payments at source at any time. Similarly to defer the payment of their withholding payments on their professional income from one month to another up to three times if their down payments are monthly, or from one quarter to another if their down payments are quarterly . All these procedures are accessible via their specific space, section “Manage my direct debit at source”: any intervention before the 22nd of the month will be taken into account for the following month. ? Public health France recalls the required measures ?

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