We opt for experimental alternatives or alternatives that do not fit what we really need. It must be clear that the selection of the design of your website must respond to defined needs and objectives. In the case of a subject that seems to be purely aesthetic. it is difficult to maintain objectivity and logic. but it is necessary to analyze well before making any decision. So put a stop to first impressions and impulse choices. Before choosing the design of your site ask yourself: What objective do I want to fulfill with my website? What needs do I have? Features or tools should my site have? What is my target audience? What kind of people will enter my website? Apart from the design.

What other factors should I take into account? Design is important. but other aspects of equal relevance must be reviewed on a website: Contents Your site needs quality content that is interesting and useful. This is the main hook that will attract visitors. Usability It should be easy and intuitive for the user to move around the site . Domain It must identify your business and be easy to remember . Responsive Desing It means that the site can be viewed and navigated perfectly on any device (cell phones or tablets). Traffic You need to develop strategies to bring visitors to your site. either by positioning yourself in search engines (SEO) or through advertising campaigns (SEM) calls to action You must include buttons and phrases to convert that traffic into real results (sales. subscriptions. downloads. etc.).

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Measurement and monitoring You have Greece whatsapp number list monitor whether the proposed objectives are being met and whether the site is getting a good response from the public. Social media You must integrate your site with social profiles to enhance the dissemination of content and be in direct contact with your audience. You need a powerful strategy The strategy is the road map that will show you where to go and what to do. It is the guarantee that ensures you meet your goals and obtain convincing results. That is why before making any decision. a plan to follow should be proposed. The design is a piece of this puzzle and. therefore. it must be approached accordingly. Remember that a good design is not only pleasing to the eye. but also functional.

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Design is a tool to present information. not to decorate it. So before you choose something because it’s prettier or because it’s different. consider that your site has needs to meet and goals to meet. Please note the limitations There are very striking and attractive design styles. but it usually happens that the more sophisticated or elaborate a proposal is. the greater storage capacity and speed is needed. So before launching into avant-garde trends. make sure that your site has enough support for everything to work properly and. above all. to prevent content from loading or taking a long time to appear. For example. a very fashionable trend lately is to put large images or videos that occupy the entire screen. as Push Here does .

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This proposal would have been a failure if the main. Video did not load well or if the images were pixelate or of poor quality. The idea is not to sacrifice the content and performance of the site. By applying a very complex design that ends up hindering its proper functioning. Very creative results can be achieve without losing quality or removing important things. So identify your needs and priorities to choose what works best for you. Facebook is one of the most popular social networks that exist and is used by thousands of people around the world; by 2015 it already reached 1.590 million users. This company increasingly provides tools to make its use more useful. not only for people who upload photos. videos and statuses every day.

But also for companies that can turn it into a powerful marketing tool. It is very important that your business or company has a fan page that. unlike the personal profile. Allows you to carry out marketing campaigns. Invest in your publications and the best thing: analyze all the actions. That people have done on your page with the data provided. Facebook as a company has been concerned that its social network is a valuable marketing tool for. SMEs and companies. so much so that it is already competing with the giant. Google for the investment cake that companies make in advertising.

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