Everyone wants their campaigns to be impactful as possible so that you can get as many sales as possible.

In order to do this, they get laser-focused on specific campaigns. They almost end up creating marketing silos that ultimately prove ineffective, because they fall into the trap of thinking a single great ad will be enough to drive sales both now and long term.

A great ad, however, is nothing without a strong, core sales funnel behind it. And that funnel won’t be effective if you don’t have a few core foundational funnel elements in place.

There are three foundational funnel elements that all businesses need to keep users moving throughout their customer journey: Clarity on your target market, a clear call to action, and a strong “sticky” landing page.

In this post, we’re going to go over each, including why they’re so important and tips for success, so that you can maximize sales throughout the entire customer journey.

What Are Foundational Funnel Elements?

Before we define foundational funnel elements, let’s take a quick look at funnels themselves.

Marketing doesn’t just focus on a single touchpoint. While some users may see a single ad and convert, many more have a more complex journey. They might get a referral from a friend, click away, get an email that makes them interested, and then see a retargeted ad that finally gets them to convert.

They’re going to move through different stages of a customer journey. They are Sri Lanka Phone Number discovering the product, considering and researching it, purchasing, and then becoming loyal.

Here’s where the core foundational elements come into play.

You need to move users from one stage to the next.

If they’re reading a landing page during the consideration stage, and are close to purchasing, you don’t want to just leave them there. You need a strong CTA to get them to move to the next part of the journey and to purchase.

Without the core foundational elements we’re going to discuss, your leads can get stuck mid-funnel when they otherwise would have converted.

So without further adieu, let’s take a look at those three elements your funnel needs.

Clarity on Your Target Market

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This isn’t a traditional element, but it’s something that your team needs a firm grip on. It will shape every aspect of your marketing, including your website.

Our rule of thumb: When you try to reach everyone, you reach no one.

Someone searching for “pots and pans” on Google might be a family looking for the cheapest option out there to get their kid through college, or it could be someone who wants to drop $500 per pot.

So who is your audience?

Plenty of people, for example, choose to purchase security monitoring systems and services for their homes. There’s a massive audience out there for that.

But if you don’t understand who your core audience is and what they specifically need, you’ll end up running generic campaigns that just say you offer home monitoring services.

If you understand, however, that your target audience is made up of tech-savvy people who are worried that Ring can grant people viewing access into your home when hacked, you can create marketing messages promoting your server-based recording services and explain why they’re superior.

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