Together with a UX designer, we gave the app a simple and modern look. We have removed all the complicated tax terms or converted them into understandable informal language. We have consistently implemented this style from app, to website and to social media. How do you apply this yourself?

Corporate identity and appearance

Make sure that your ideal target group is attracted to your corporate identity and overall appearance. This is different for young people than for a somewhat older target group. But also consider, for example, differences between creative professions and formal professions, cheap products or luxury products.

Do this for all your textual communication as well. Again, each CIO & CTO Email List target group likes to be addressed in a different way. And perhaps most importantly: avoid jargon! Have your texts read by an ideal customer, and very consciously test whether you use certain terms that they find difficult.Choose your platforms consciously

Think about which platforms your potential customers are active on. On which social media? On which websites? Are there communities in which your target group is active? Then choose very consciously with which platforms you want to work actively. And perhaps even more important: also consciously choose which social media or platforms you ignore (at least at the beginning). You can’t do everything!Global strategy on platformsWork out a global strategy for the social media and/or platforms where you want to be present. How do you want to present yourself on this channel? How do you ensure that your recognizable branding is also visible there?CIO CTO Email List


Provide a professional appearance from the start. Create a good feeling on the communication channels and make a good first impression.

Acquiring your first customers

Of course, it still requires additional methods to actually land your first customers. Instead of investing in expensive coaches and paid advertising, you can opt for active involvement in online communities. The internet is full of entrepreneurial groups where everyone is willing to help each other. Not only were we able to spar with other entrepreneurs there without immediately paying thousands of euros, we also became increasingly visible by actively participating ourselves.

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