They have a lot of names: Generation Y, Millenials , Digital Natives. One thing is certain: they are shaking up the corporate world. Today we are going to look at the relationship between Generation Y and Marketing from the point of view of BtoB sales cycles. How to sell to Generation Y? What type of argument do they find more favorable? What type of content are they more sensitive to? What is Generation Y? Since not everyone has gone to Egypt Email List sociology college, we’re going to explain what Generation Y is. People born in the 80s or 90s, or even until 2000, are commonly referred to as Generation Y.

Their value system has been disrupted following the arrival of the Internet, television and video games and they trust people less. traditional carriers of value. They are very different from the profiles of traditional buyers, because their references are not the same. It is the only generation of working people not to have known the pressure of the Cold War or to have lived in a country at war. However, they were constantly showered with the “duty to remember.

” At the level of the sales discourse”

They did not know the very oriented post-war discourse. Millennials have grown up with mass advertising and very pushy talk , which they tend to stand out from. A study on BtoB and Generation Y A few days ago, the Marketing Sherpa site published a study conducted at the end of 2015 by Arketi Group. This study was carried out with 262 managers and executives in a wide variety of sectors. These sectors are based on technology purchases valued at over $ 10,000. On the panel of participants, they were distributed more or less equally: 31% baby boomers 39% of Generation X members (those before Generation Y) 30% of Generation Y. Here are the answers to the main question they were asked.

When evaluating a technology purchase of $ 10,000 or more, which of these sources of information did you use? Select all that apply. Generation Y and MarketingAnd the answers to the question are, to say the least, confusing. We note that Generation Y members tend to consult less than their older peers. It is always the analysts who lead the way. The great recognized figures have an important weight in the purchasing process, even among this generation. They are not interested in “sales literature” and product brochures at all. Even if face-to-face meetings with salespeople remain a privileged means of influencing the decision-making process. What conclusions can be drawn ? Analysts carry a lot of weight.

Like colleagues, but product brochures or sales documents

Are becoming less and less important. If you read us from time to time, you know that we have a good solution: digital! A good content marketing strategy (Inbound) will help decision-making buyers, their entourage, but also analysts. It can even include these analysts in order to carry the message further, further (and stronger?). It is certain that the digital presence, in view of the panorama of the responses obtained, becomes a must-have for most companies that sell in BtoB. It’s a great way to post case studies, news, product information, but also to generate leads for your sales reps.

Face-to-face meetings are not yet dead! They walk especially better than the presentations via the internet! If you liked the article, do not hesitate to read our article on the Long Tail ? Do you want to be supported in your improvement process to increase your leads ? We invite you to contact our teams for more information. “Isn’t there a queue to buy your products?” “Why ?” And to conclude “Would that be nice, or does it have to happen?” “Wouldn’t that just sort itself out if you didn’t touch it?” “Why ?” “Would that be nice, or does it have to happen?” “You provided X answer on the paper I gave you.

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