Generation Y and the digital transition: what are the implications?

Generation Y, also known as millennials or digital native, is still shaking up all existing codes. The relationship that this generation can have with digital is very strong. When we talk about Generation Y and the digital transition, we all think of the changes in our daily lives. Whether via social networks, web development or new technologies over the past twenty years have shaken up consumption habits. Indeed, today we are in an era where Cameroon Email List digital is essential both on a professional and private level. Generation Y, the protagonist and engine of this movement, has succeeded in breaking old consumption habits. According to several Google studies, today 74% of purchasing intentions go through the web.

And almost 90% of Generation Y consume this way. In addition, if we refer to statistics from large public institutes, by 2020 half of the world’s population will be Y. So what should companies in all sectors of activity do? When we talk about Generation Y and the digital transition, we cannot miss the fact that they have had and are having a major influence. Therefore, let’s see what implications Generation Y has had in the digital transition while seeing the benefits that it has brought. How do you define Generation Y in relation to others? Before substantiating our remarks, it is important to clearly define Generation Y. Who are they?

What are their needs?

How do they see their relationship with brands? All these questions raised, define today what are the Y. So who are they? Who are they ? People from Generation Y were born between 1980 and 1995. For others, especially marketers, this extends until 2000. In short, Generation Y is now between 20/25 and 40 years old. Their particularity is that they have grown and evolved in a world where digital has only evolved. Between IT development, the arrival of the web for all, the emergence of social networks… This generation has known and is growing up in a constantly changing world. What he does is that they need novelty, change and evolution in every strata of their lives.

For many sociologists, the notion of Y comes from the shape of the headphones previously plugged into the Walkmans. This generation is special since it is the first to have grown up in a free trade and digital world. Often described as a generation of rebels. They are also the sacrificed generation who experienced the first global financial crises. To whom everything was promised, but who had nothing but crumbs. Generation Y is also characterized by its convictions, that is to say the collaborative spirit, the art of resourcefulness, a very strong sociability marked by multiculturalism. This generation is very committed which makes it the driving force of today’s world.

All the technologies, technical improvements, or changes

In human relationships have been instilled by this generation. If we take the example of work, the Y’s will have a lot with conformist work environments where a boss guides and teaches others. For the first time, it is young people who are teaching others. And it is in this movement and in this complexity that digital natives are evolving. The latter do not remain in their shackles where many believe them disillusioned on the contrary, he continues to innovate. What are their consumption needs Generation Y, having grown up and evolved in a context of perpetual change, has totally different needs from others.

As they grew up in a society where information is easy to access, their opinion and critical thinking are always on the alert. For a good relationship with a brand, they no longer want to be simple buyers. They inspire real actors in the brand by becoming a true consumer actor. This can materialize in different ways which are: Consideration of their comments on social networks The establishment of a close relationship A digital and human customer service at the same time. That is to say, to have a personalization of the request with a speed of information or exchanges.

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