Generation Z and digital transition: what are the implications?

We saw in a previous article the relationship between generation Y and digital transition, but what about the relationship between generation Z and digital transition? Even if today, only a small part of Generation Z is active, this generation is disrupting many existing codes. Obviously, they are not revolutionizing an existing model because what the Y have built so far has been a real digital revolution. However, having grown up in a digital world, they master digital perfectly from an early age. Today, a brand cannot claim to evolve without Chile Email List digital and without taking into account the use of different generations. Generation Y and Generation Z despite their strong appetites for digital have different uses. Indeed, the relationship between Generation Z and digital transition is very strong, especially around communications.

Whether with brands or in the private sector, the Zs mostly communicate on this type of channel. However, they have an essential need to return to the basis of communication and the human relationships that compose it. Today, when we talk about Generation Z and the digital transition, we can already say that this generation plays a major role in the digital world. So let’s see what implications Generation Z has had in the digital transition by seeing the current and future benefits they bring. How to define generation Z in relation to the others To begin to substantiate our point, we must begin to define well what Generation Z is.

Who are they? What are their needs and especially

How do they see their relationship with brands. All these questions put forward define what Z are today. So who are they? Who are they People from Generation Z were born between 1995 and 2010, some will restrict this period to 2005. Why 2005? Because many marketers and sociologists believe that it is around the age of 13/14 that we start to consume. Generation Z is following the trend, but it is in its values ​​that it differentiates itself. Indeed, generation Z is often nicknamed the silent generation or the 4C generation. These 4Cs are very important for understanding the Zs because their words define them. The 4Cs are: Collaborate in order to become actors of a brand Communicate with the brand, in particular on the feelings of a product Connect through digital and especially via social networks

Creativity which is the leitmotif of this generation Whether you are in B2C or B2B, you must take into consideration these 4 aspects that make up this generation. Generation Z has perfect digital skills, but what sets the Y apart the most is the culture of instantaneity. This culture of the snapshot has repercussions today in our operating methods, particularly with regard to customer relations. We want everything faster and better, sometimes forgetting the human aspects behind the customer relationship.

This is where Generation Z plays an important role

In the digital transition because even if they are ultra connected, they want to maintain a strong human relationship in their customer relationship. The value system that this generation has influenced the major B2C brands today and is starting to strongly impact B2B. Generation Z therefore has an undeniable influence on brands. What are their consumption needs Generation Z, which has always known and grows in a digital world, has its own needs that combine digital and human. But are they for all that totally phygital? Previously, we talked about the notion of Z instantaneity, which applies to all of their relationships with a company.

This consequently results in a ban on making a strategic error or fault. Today a bad buzz has arrived so quickly that it could be detrimental to the good health of your business. Indeed, poor customer service, poor communication, advertising deemed unethical is your brand will have to face the wrath of this generation very attached to the notion of reputation. As 90% of them get information on the web, they follow them on social networks, your brand will be judged and pushed to the sieves. In the notion of value, Generation Z is also very attached to the notion of the 5 E. A company that does not respect them will then be abandoned and will have great difficulty in winning back this segment of the population that is so hard to capture. These 5 E’s are: Essence, Emotion, Commitment, Experience and Exchange.

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