Digital marketing isn’t going anywhere. However, new technologies bring about constant shifts, making it hard to keep up without the Afghanistan Phone Number right strategy. Recently, I hosted a webinar with Marketo on how to create a smarter digital marketing strategy that allows you to optimize your campaigns, even with a tight budget or resource Afghanistan Phone Number constraints. In this blog, I’ll answer the top seven questions that I received from our attendees:1. What does it mean to be scrappy? Scrappy means a lot of things to different people, but to me, scrappy comes down to doing more with less.

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Checklist marketing, which consists of just checking things off a list instead of doing what makes the most sense. Scrappy Afghanistan Phone Number marketing means: Putting brains before budget Being both efficient and effective Seeing ideas everywhere When I was talking to the team at Schwinn Bicycles about the scrappy concept, marketing  manager Samantha Hersil said, “You know what, we could all use a few people and a few dollars more.” That’s the bottom line. No one has unlimited resources these days. As marketing continues to change, we have to come up with smarter systems for getting the work done.

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Strategies apply to B2B marketers with longer sales cycle? For all marketers, strategy is a critical first step. But Afghanistan Phone Number the longer the sales cycle, the more you have to do with less to continue to keep your buyers engaged over time. Marketers with longer sales cycle, which include B2B marketers and consumer Afghanistan Phone Number marketers selling considered purchase products, need to focus their scrappy strategy on what they’re trying to do, who they’re trying to reach, and when they’re trying to reach them. Strategy first. Always. 3. For a company that markets to both businesses and consumers, how do you differentiate between multiple audiences? Once again, differentiate with strategy.

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