You may have heard of and used AdSense before. But you may not know a few strategies that will increase Google AdSense revenue as a beginner. If you are looking for proven ways to maximize your AdSense earnings, this detailed article is exclusively for you.

Earning money with Google AdSense is still the Philippines Phone Number first choice for the majority of bloggers.

The reason is that you don’t need any investment or expert skills to make money online using AdSense. This is the same reason why people are always looking for tips to increase Google AdSense revenue almost all the time.


AdSense is a simple pay per click (PPC ads) system that displays ads related to content on your website. You will be paid when someone clicks on your AdSense ads.

But the only problem is that you need a lot of traffic to earn more money from AdSense. Not just hundreds of visitors per day, but thousands of unique visitors every day.

Although there are many more alternatives to Google AdSense, but when used correctly, AdSense earnings can help you earn a decent passive income with minimal effort. In this article, you’ll find out how to increase your AdSense earnings without breaking a sweat. Are you ready? Let’s get straight to the details.



  • How to Increase Google AdSense Earnings in 2020
    • 1. Content-rich sites can boost your Google AdSense earnings
    • 2. Positioning is key
    • 3. A/B testing is an amazing way to maximize AdSense revenue
    • 4. Without SEO, your blog dies
    • 5. Find and Fix Your Website Problems
    • 6. User-friendly design is king
    • 7. Multiple Ad Units Always Convert Better
    • 8. Experiment with the color of your ad units
    • 9. Don’t forget to go mobile
    • 10. Learn from the experts
    • Final Thoughts on Increasing Google AdSense Revenue in 2020

How to Increase Google AdSense Earnings in 2020

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Most beginners only care about increasing their traffic. They use all means of traffic generation to increase their blog traffic, but most of them will not work effectively. Then they fail to increase both their traffic and AdSense revenue. If you are one of them, stop doing it right now.

To increase your AdSense earnings as a beginner, all you need are content-rich sites.




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