This is another very good analytics tool to use in your business. it offers an analytics module for Facebook that does a detailed analysis of Facebook pages by country; overview of statistics by country. such as the number of fans; evaluation by sector; comparison of your page by sector and by region; competitor analysis; comparison of the performance of your page with respect to the pages of other competitors and finally creation of reports. In this way we propose the different ways of understanding if Facebook represents a useful tool for our business and surely each SME or company will find a way to make it even better profitable according to their needs and segments.

But unquestionably this social network has become a good instrument to reach much more people thanks to its scope. ease and economy. We await your opinions regarding the usefulness of Facebook for SMEs or if you have found new ways to measure investments in your campaigns. it would be great for our community to know about them. do not hesitate to leave us your comments to make these recommendations much more useful Surely you have heard of engagement. In fact. many businesses plan their marketing strategy with the goal of achieving that precious element. But what is it exactly? To begin with. it is an English word that translates commitment.

To Understand And Use

In the world of marketing. it is understood Hungary whatsapp number list the ability of a brand to establish solid and lasting relationships with its audience. When engagement is sought . the aim is for consumers to commit to the brand. that is. to feel affection towards it and to prefer it over other similar ones. A brand achieves engagement when. for example. a consumer buys its product several times. when it visits the point of sale repeatedly. when it speaks well of the product and defends it in front of other people. or when it spends a considerable time browsing its website. . Precisely. you must take into account certain guidelines to generate that engagement from your website: Good content is the ideal hook We will not get tired of repeating that a brand that shares quality content is doing the job well .

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Consider the content as a hook that attracts visitors. even if what the brand publishes is attractive enough. users will return not just once. but several times. That is why many brands go to great lengths to produce good content. that is. information that is interesting. useful or entertaining for the audience. Here creativity has no limits: the brand can generate articles. digital books. infographics. images. videos (tutorials. behind the scenes. reports. stories. testimonials. etc.) and much more. See. for example . the case of Microsoft. which has a section called Stories on its website . where they publish articles and videos on innovation. entrepreneurship.

The Control You Need

And technology. Interesting and consistent with the brand. Promote interaction between brand and audience To establish a strong relationship with your consumers you need to interact with them. This implies encouraging their participation. taking their opinions into account and responding appropriately. Some brands do this by including a comments section at the end of every topic posted on the web. Or a section that functions as a forum to generate discussion. The truth is that you have to motivate people to participate. Either through a section of questions about the products or a form to leave opinions or concerns. In both cases. you can rely on social networks to achieve more diffusion and increase the level of participation.

Integrate your websites with social networks And precisely speaking of social networks. Without a doubt linking them to your website is a basic step. Remember to include social buttons in the home of the site (so that the user can reach Facebook or . Twitter with a single click) and at the end of each published share it on their personal profiles. Consider that social networks are a fundamental part of your digital strategy. But they should always be linked to your website. Social networks not only help you generate and reinforce interaction with your audience. But also drive traffic to your website and build a complete digital. Presence that ends up generating the engagement we are looking for. A good example of a brand that knows how to integrate. Its website well with social networks to achieve engagement is Sedal .

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