Google Launches A Free Version Of Google Shopping

This is the kind of announcement that cannot go unnoticed! Google is launching a free version of Google Shopping in the US and India. Indeed, the platform has been offering for a few days to list your offers for free on the Google Shopping site as well as in the Shopping tab of Where will my free referenced offers be visible on Google Italy WhatsApp Number List Shopping? Free SEO on Google Shopping is done in two places: 1. On the Shopping tab of By clicking on this tab, Internet users segment the search results exclusively on products. So we have a new location that appears just below the paid search results. 2. On Shopping.

We know this url in France because it is the url of the Google Purchase platform “Buy with Google”, better known to advertisers under the name Google Shopping Actions . As you can see from these two screenshots, we have a real change in UX with the appearance of the free offers just below the Ads slots. Before / After Google Shopping on Mobile: Before / After Google Shopping on Mobile Before After Google Shopping on Desktop: Before / After Google Shopping on Desktop New optimizations to take into account This new free SEO opportunity for your Google Shopping offers is not going to ask you for any additional feed.

In Fact, To Activate This Free Referencing, You Just Have To Go

to your Merchant Center and activate the following Feature: Activate the Google Platforms Feature Following this, a new destination must also be added in the parameters of the flow integrated in the Merchant Center in order to activate the “Surfaces Across Google” destination: Activate the “Surfaces Across Google” destination However, it is very important to pay close attention to the content that you are going to provide to Google. Indeed, we are talking about a free referencing of your offers on Google Shopping. Who says free, says SEO optimizations. To do this, you must therefore plan to work on your content in order to ensure that your offers are the most visible on the search results.

Be careful not to negatively impact your results on your Google Shopping paid searches. Indeed, let’s not forget that the Shopping tab of represents only a few percent of traffic out of the overall traffic of Google Shopping inventory. Once activated, you will be able to consult specific reporting on your free traffic results directly in your Merchant Center. Specific report to quantify your free traffic results directly on your Merchant Center A feature available exclusively in the USA and India for now You can imagine that as soon as we had the information within the team, we hastened to find the solution to launch this as quickly as possible for our customers.

Unfortunately, This Is Currently Not Available For Advertisers In Europe

but exclusively in the USA and India. We think other countries will follow, but Europe is a particular continent for Google Shopping. Indeed, with the arrival of CSS on the market and the opening up to competition, not sure that Google has the right to do anything free on this market. In conclusion, we believe that this is a real opportunity for advertisers to list their offers for free on Google Shopping. We know that Internet users attribute real credibility to free results on Google, but by leaving these results exclusively on the Shopping tab of and on, we should not expect an explosion in traffic. free.

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