Graphic Design for L&R Release – Events

Extern’Market at the request of Romain intervenes in the creation of the logo of the new events company in festivals and Electro Evenings L&R Release. After having held the positions of director of programming at the Rex Club in Paris (Temple of electro in France) or even Co-Organizer of electro evenings such as Electropism in Montpellier with Christmas Island Email List posters such as Laurent Garnier, Vitalic or La Fraicheur, Ludo & Romain is launching their event production structure.

L&R RELEASE, from Ludo & Romain, are two enthusiasts of Clubbing and electronic music who make events that resemble them No VIPs, segregation, everyone mixes without judgment, the only common denominator between us, music and partying … . L&R Release launch in September 2021 Launch for the Official After Party of the Kolorz Festival in the Vaucluse. Event here! We wish them a great adventure with L&R Release in this new event project !!!

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