Growth Hacking Linkedin: How To Promote An Event?

LinkedIn is the professional social network par excellence . The site has more than 260 million monthly active users , which makes it a very good social network to get closer to prospects focused around the business world. It is therefore a good platform to highlight professional events such as training, seminars or conferences. A precise promotion India Phone Number List strategy on LinkedIn can quickly increase your number of participants! Find out how to promote a LinkedIn event easily Previously, we presented the principles of Growth Hacking . In this article, your digital communication agency reveals its Growth Hacking LinkedIn tips to promote an event.

CREATE AN EVENT Establish a linkedin growth hacking strategy The first step is to create a LinkedIn event . Keep in mind that the more you do this in advance of your event, the more time it will give you to carry out your LinkedIn Growth Hacking. Promoting your event a week in advance will give you new attendees, but doing it 1 month earlier will yield more results. To create a LinkedIn event, go to the LinkedIn home page and in the left menu click on “ Events ” then “Create”.

Once all the fields have been filled in and the event has been created

you can create a “discussion on the event” on its page. Take the opportunity to present your event and give important information about it. Fill in all the tabs on your event page so that someone arriving on this page has quick access to important information. CONNECT EVERY DAY TO PROSPECTS CORRESPONDING TO YOUR NICHE The number of connections allowed varies depending on your activity on LinkedIn. For a less active account, limit yourself to 70 connections per day so as not to be blocked by the platform. The most optimized way is to space the connection requests to avoid any suspicion of suspicious behavior by the platform. Focus on people who may be interested in your event.

Event promotion through linkedin growth hacking Example: If you are organizing sales training, target sales reps, salespeople or entrepreneurs for your connection requests. By regularly connecting with people in your niche, you will also automatically begin to receive connection requests from people like you who want to expand their network. It is all beneficial! SEND INVITATIONS TO YOUR LINKEDIN EVENT Once someone accepts your request, invite them to your event . To do so, go to your event page and click on “Invite relations”. You will then see all the people in your network to whom you can send invitations. Send a maximum of 100 invitations per day .

You cannot send an invitation to someone who has already been invited

SHARE YOUR EVENT IN NICHE GROUPS Check your notifications to see if new groups have accepted your membership request. The goal will be to publish a post presenting your event in the groups that have accepted you. Don’t forget to add a link redirecting to your ticket office or event page. Of course, target active groups as a priority and avoid spam , one publication is sufficient per group. The goal is not to get banned for spamming but to perform clean and viable Growth Hacking in the long term! Note: If you reach a limit in the groups to reach or in your connections, consider expanding your niche. Consider whether other groups of people might be interested in your offer.

To communicate even more about your event on LinkedIn, a good strategy is to join groups around the theme of your event or your niche . The limit of pending membership requests is 20. If you reach the limit, remember to delete some requests to be able to make new ones. To see your groups and your membership requests , go to your home screen and to the “Groups” tab on the left menu. Send your invitations for a linkedin event CONTACT THE PARTICIPANTS You should start seeing registrations for your event .

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