Hairdresser Nimes: The French Hairdresser 1000 Fans In 1 Year

Hairdresser Nimes: The French Hairdresser 1000 fans in 1 year First of all, you should know that the hairdresser Le Coiffeur Francais in Nimes was taken over by Loic VICEDO in the middle of the year 2018. Then you must be wondering where is this hairdressing salon for men and women? So here, as much to tell you that with the environment which surrounds it, there is no better address in the city ​​center of Nîmes : 1 Place des Arènes, just in Niue Email List front of the most beautiful and tourist monument of Nîmes, the Arena and a stone’s throw from the Musée de la Romanité.

Le Coiffeur Français: one of the most popular hairdressers in Nimes in less than 365 days Loïc has become one of the most popular hairdressers in Nîmes within a few months. Featured by the association “the heart of Nîmes” , in a dedicated article in June 2019 , it offers a men’s beard haircut service . But he is also a Female Hairdresser with a specialty in long hair and coloring. The French Hairdresser in Nimes Hairdresser Nimes with an event strategy relayed on digital & with a likes counter The French Hairdresser is also keen to set up specific workshops such as a manicure depilation workshop or even facial treatment & waxing. Indeed, an event workshop is usually set up once a month.

The most recent was in collaboration with the cosmetics brand

Dayna specializing in vegetable coloring and Ayurvedic products . Or a shaded hair workshop with another specialized brand. The choice of digital-oriented communication from the opening of the show After the creation of his Pro Facebook page in October 2018, he decided with our help to develop his strategy on social networks. Subsequently, aware of the impact of good web visibility, he equips himself with the 5-figure Facebook Like counter to help him develop his strategy on social networks. The content cannot be loaded because it is not allowed on the site. Contact the administrator And the long-awaited day arrived on Monday, December 30 at 6:58 p.m. Our Facebook Like counter has gone up to 4 digits! COCORICOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!! (Cries of the French Hairdresser…. Obviously).

Yes, we launched a call for mobilization in November to mobilize and promote the FB pageU + 21B4.svg The content cannot be loaded because it is not allowed on the site. Contact the administrator Indeed now our Facebook counter at the Show has a counter to 1000 fans on our Facebook Pro page of the show. So needless to say that we are happy to have achieved this objective… And yes, casually, it is still a long-term job to manage to convince customers after each meeting to follow the Facebook page. But this is without counting on the support of our strategy and the like counter which made it possible to pass the 1000 mark. What does this counter bring to like?

POS to encourage liking during checkout Unquestionably

we can say that there has been an increase in the recruitment of Facebook fans since the installation of the counter . Loïc estimates at around + 30% since the installation of the meter on the show cash desk at the entrance. Not to mention, that the Hairdresser accompanies his counter with a POS (Point of Sale Advertising) that we have specially created to encourage people to like during the checkout (see photo opposite) Also, Loic notes a certain curiosity about the tool itself and brings animation to the point of sale. ” In fact, the counter changes directly throughout the day with a synchronization time of 1 to 3 seconds, so in almost real time ”…

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