He can then pay it from home as if he were in the office

Switching to telework is done naturally and with the greatest simplicity. The use of this different software only requires a PC, the Internet, a compatible browser, and a PC headset. In short, nothing could be simpler! Finally, thanks to these Cloud solutions, no call is lost. We maintain the responsiveness that is the strength of Force Plus and the resulting customer satisfaction. Tools allowing the continuity of group life Maintaining a group dynamic can be important, especially when all employees are isolated from their Sweden Consumer Email List colleagues at home. It may therefore be important to keep certain rituals such as the weekly update, brainstorming sessions, etc. This allows everyone to keep social ties and certain group cohesion, even from a distance.

Send your thoughts first to those personally affected by the crisis. Describe in a factual way the consequences of this crisis for your business. Explain the decisions made or that will be implemented. Anticipate next steps and questions that might emerge.
For this, many tools exist. We can first of all note video conferencing software such as Zoom, Skype, Teams, etc. which allow several people to come together. There are also collective messaging services offering the possibility of transmitting more informal information which does not necessarily require a videoconference or an email.

We think for example of Slack, WorkGroup, Discord, etc

Finally, there are collaborative work tools for easier remote project management such as Trello, Monday, Asana, etc. It is therefore possible for customer service to continue its activity by teleworking. You just need the right tools to achieve this. Are indeed essential: a remote access solution to company data and applications web tools used via a secure internet connection a cloud telephony tool tools allowing the continuity of group life and collaborative work In this way, business continuity is ensured while keeping its employees safe at home and maintaining group cohesion. Saying no must be done in a direct way by being firm which will allow you to have confidence in yourself. Obviously, we must not say no to all head-on.

The argument is imperative to show that you think above all about the customer and not to accumulate contracts. If your interlocutor make him a reverse demonstration by saying the risks that this one takes if you accept a yes. This will show you the difference in efficiency between two options and therefore save your customer time and money. He will thank you later and the confidence he will have in you will grow stronger. Say no for the good of your business Knowing how to say no is not only linked to the business start-up phase between two companies. It exists throughout the contract that binds you. Saying no can then be used for: Unplanned actions that add more work time and prevent you from dealing with other cases.

The results your customers expect are unrealistic

As for example if a customer tells you that these web pages do not arrive fast enough in 1 st result. Or that you didn’t generate enough leads for a specific action. On the way to do things. Some clients want you to do anything to get results. However, if they appeal to you, it is because they recognize your quality as experts in your profession. By having an advisory role you are helping them but you cannot choose for them. Say no to the permanent dissatisfaction of certain clients who question your expertise. These few examples show that saying no is bad for the good because it helps guide your client to a better strategy. Saying no is also knowing what is good and bad for your business.

Accepting all contracts is not possible today in the digital age and e-reputation. If you are unable to provide service, saying no to a customer will make you someone they can trust because you can show them the best practices for their success. If you liked this article, check out our dedicated customer experience page or check out our article on word of mouth as a business tool . Do you want to be supported in your process of increasing your leads ? We invite you to contact our teams for more information. Thus, the person who collects personal data must do everything to ensure that they are not distorted, damaged or that third parties have access to them without authorization.

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