Help desk and digital: an inevitable marriage?

At the time of the digital transition, the traditional means of communication are often called into question. The question of the survival of a help desk arises. Are traditional means of communication no longer fully responding to consumption patterns still as relevant? Indeed, today, nearly ¾ of consumers inquire before making an act of purchase. So pushing someone to buy over the phone is no longer the most profitable strategy. This is because your leads or customers are extremely knowledgeable about you and your environment. Today, dealing Guatemala Email List with digital is a constant to take into account, and a help desk must integrate this channel. With our know-how and our feedback, it remains essential for us to deal with traditional channels and digital.

It is important to know your client perfectly, their expectations, but above all to offer them personalized service. In addition, digital makes it possible to simplify processes, which allows us to establish a bond of trust with our customers. Therefore, we can ask ourselves how digital and help desk will unite to strengthen the customer experience? Humans in the digital age Help desk and digital The digital transition brings its share of novelties. Whether through networks, the web or new technologies, each sector of activity must invest in digital technology.

This investment responds to increasingly precise and demanding demands

As mentioned in the introduction, today we have ¾ consumers who get information on the web before making a purchase. Therefore, if you want a help desk to survive, it must be digitized both for its operation and for its customer relationship. Today, there are technical means that meet certain basic requests such as chatbots, for example. These chatbots, which are made up of weak artificial intelligence, are one of the tools for improving customer relations. Indeed, they make it possible to answer simple questions without human intervention. The succession of scripts makes it possible to solve simple tasks. The human being will intervene only for more technical questions requiring his intervention.

Consequently, the human factor is and will remain essential. Several studies show that the human factor remains the keystone of the customer relationship; This contributes to the importance of traditional communication channels and to the future of a help desk. The AFRC and BCG study As AFRC and BCG studies show , 60% of respondents say human interaction will remain at least stable. If this increases, it will move towards more complex and precise activities. Thanks to new technologies and this thinking model, so-called level 1 problems will ultimately be automated. These studies also show that for 90% of companies, the reinvention of the human being will provide additional growth lever.

The first being that an outsourced help desk will be more and more specialized

From a technical point of view. Having a more advanced technicality, they will be guarantors of a greater customer satisfaction. The second reason is that a help desk must also perform a digital transformation. The digital transformation will increase the profitability of a business and for the customer to have more interesting ROI. A help desk must use its tools, such as chatbots, to offer faster solutions. By automating level 1 via the digital transition, you will make very significant economic benefits. However and despite digitization, level 1 will remain and those for several reasons: The social aspect around the loss of jobs and human contact For those who need more explanation

To meet expectations and dispatch everyone’s problems An outsourced help desk for a better return on investment The most important thing for a business using an outsourced help desk is to have a winning ROI. Outsource its actions at a cost and the investment must keep its promises. When choosing your help desk, you must: See if the help desk uses digital actions in their processes Request regular reports for optimum monitoring Find an expert help desk in your industry so that there is no script reading. Be careful that your help desk specializes in lead generation.

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