Here Is The List Of Incompatible Browsers

It is strongly recommended that you check as soon as possible whether this change will have a significant effect on our online properties. To test on the versions of Chrome 76+: Go to chrome: // flags and enable # same-site-by-default-cookies and # cookies-without-same-site-must-be-secure. Reset the browser. Start the tests. It is especially important to check everything related to navigation flows that need to maintain a connection, changes between Paraguay WhatsApp Number List domains and cross-site content. Due to the 2 minute limitation of “Lax + POST”, it is also recommended that you test any flow that involves POST with delays of less than and greater than two minutes. If the site stops functioning as it should: at.

Start by disabling # cookies-without-same-site-must-be-secure. If this fixes the problem, it means that we have cookies with SameSite = None which are not safe. b. Disable these two flags. If this does not solve the problem, it is necessary to identify the cookies that are accessed cross-site and apply the SameSite and Secure attributes. Sources and additional information: Chrome Platform Status – SameSite = Lax Chrome Platform Status – SameSite = None The Chromium Projects – SameSite Updates Chromium Blog – Developers: Get Ready for New SameSite = None; Secure Cookie Settings – SameSite cookies explained

How To Test The Effect On My Site?

They can include creativities in which the brand is highlighted, but also the QR codes so used to promote coupons or special discounts. Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) publications: these are the influencers in the world of WeChat. As on Western social networks, it is necessary for the brand to reach an agreement with the KOL so that it publishes one of its images. Advertising with moments : this type of advertisement is similar to the one displayed in the Facebook feed, although in WeChat these ads can be found in the “moments” section of the platform. They display the logo, a description and images or videos with a CTA that redirects users to the landing page (these are usually HTML5 pages hosted on Tencent’s own servers).

They disappear after 6 hours if they have no repercussion, therefore the more interaction they cause, the longer they stay online. Ads in Mini-Programs : It is possible to promote videos in these applications in the middle of the Mini-Program or before using it. The application’s own developer can decide where the advertisement will be. Pagar con WeChat es una práctica habitual en China The segmentations available on WeChat for advertising campaigns: The goal of WeChat is to concentrate all user traffic in a single platform. Moreover, the possibility of including external links has recently been removed, as China Internet Watch points out . Therefore, the options for segmenting and refining the audiences to target are very broad.

Here Are The Main Ones: According To Their Profile Data :

this option includes traditional demographic segmentation, i.e. according to sex, age, marital status, education, work and location. Regarding the latter data, WeChat classifies the areas in Beijing and Shanghai, and then groups the rest of the cities and areas into two levels according to their population density. Advertising can also be targeted to reach users in 42 countries and regions abroad. Interests : on WeChat, you can select interests from different sectors (education, travel, fashion, food, finance…, among others), but it is also possible to include specific keywords to segment audiences.

Behavior : this option covers the use of Mini-Programs. It is possible to select the applications by category or, more specifically, those that the user has installed. Consumption capacity : it is measured according to the place where the user resides, but also by taking into account the payment accounts available to him. Device type : it is possible to segment according to the brand of phone or the type of connection (for example, wifi, 4G or even 5G networks , which are already operational in some regions of China). Characteristics of WeChat use : this type of segmentation refers to the type of traffic of each WeChat user, ie which accounts they follow, which pages they visit, what type of content they consume…

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