Regardless of the gloom and doom about reach — this highlights how Facebook ads are a staple of marketing at large. US Social network user growth by platform i 2020 & 2021. showing Facebook social media usage growing less than 1% YoY. Instagram demographics and usage Number of monthly active users: 2 billion Largest age group: 25-34 (31.2%). with 18-24 close behind at 31% Gender: 48.4% female. 51.8% male (no data on other genders) Time spent per day: 29 minutes Takeaways from Instagram demographics for 2022 The platform has quietly doubled their user base to 2 billion within three years. a staggering stat that proves Instagram’s staying power. As younger users migrate to


TikTok. perhaps it’s fair to say that Instagram is no longer the “hip” network in the eyes of today’s teenagers. That said. Instagram maintains a firm hold on Gen Z and Millennials — these groups make up roughly two-thirds of their base. Recent Instagram stats and new Shopping features (like Drops) signal the platform’s shift to becoming an ecommerce hub. Reels are popular. but they couldn’t stop TikTok’s momentum in 2021 —the platform continues to peel influencers away from Instagram. Bar chat showing the number of monthly active Instagram users from 2013 through 2021.

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TikTok demographic data and usage Number of monthly active users: 1 billion Largest age group: 10-19 (25%) Gender: 61% female. 39% male (no data on other genders) Time spent per day: 89 minutes per day Takeaways from TikTok demographics for 2022 TikTok’s popularity and growth are unprecedented (~10x more users since our last social Georgia Phone Numbers media demographics breakdown). Not only is the user base booming but also activity — users are spending nearly 90 minutes per day on the platform. Fact: nearly 40% of Gen Z say they’re directly influenced by products they see on

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TikTok and brands should take notice. As more and more brands get on board. we’re seeing influencers do the same. TikTok is ramping up and “maturing” to meet the needs of its users. including more advanced ads and CRM integrations. Published on Categories Our #1 Most Requested Feature is Here Save time with our powerful TikTok management tool. Test our TikTok integration in a free trial today. Twitter demographics and usage Number of daily active users: 211 million (up from 187 million) Largest age group: 18-29 (42%) Gender: 38.4% female. 61.6% male (no data on other genders)

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Time spent per day: 31 minutes Takeaways from Twitter demographics for 2022 Twitter’s usage and growth have remained fairly consistent year-to-year. although its user-base is obviously skewing younger these days.  growth (up from 187 million users last year). research predicts that Twitter will lose about a million users to other platforms over the next five years. One-third of Twitter users are college-educated and make more than $75K annually. highlighting the platform’s highly-educated and high-earning base.


Twitter’s status as a place to discuss events and gather breaking news make it a prime place to share content and drive discussions. but advertising is still tricky. While Fleets failed. renewed interest in Spaces could breathe some new life into the platform. Twitter social media demographic and usage data from 2020-2025. LinkedIn demographics and usage Number of monthly active users: 810 million Largest age group: 25-34 (58.4%) Gender: 48% female. 52% male 63% of LinkedIn users access the network weekly.

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