Hootsuite Vs Buffer: Manage Your Social Networks Efficiently Thanks to These Two Platforms!

We recently walked you through all the benefits of an editorial calendar for a business ! In this article, we’ll introduce you to two online social media management platforms, Hootsuite and Buffer , through the pros and cons of their free versions. This will help you determine which one is best for your business! So make yourself comfortable, our advertising Spain Phone Number List agency has prepared a most interesting fight for you: Hootsuite VS Buffer !

WHAT EXACTLY IS AN ONLINE SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT PLATFORM? As a company, you are probably present on several social networks in order to be closer to your customers and your audience. On your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter account, you can easily interact with them, share the latest news from your company, respond to unhappy customers etc. But managing these social profiles takes time, since you animate them regularly and with quality content! This is why, in order to simplify your process, you can go through an online social network management platform.

These platforms allow you to organize

schedule, share and monitor your social profiles , all in one place! The two most reputable platforms that you’ve probably heard of are Hootsuite and Buffer . Learn how to manage your social networks thanks to the Hootsuite VS Buffer platforms! Both offer a free version , accessible to all companies, and several paid versions. The free versions of Hootsuite and Buffer offer much the same functionality: you can connect 3 different social media accounts and schedule 10 posts in advance. , for a total of 30 scheduled posts maximum. Regarding the paid versions , on the Hootsuite side, the packages range from € 25 to € 599 per month. At Buffer, prices range from $ 15 to $ 99, depending on the features you desire.

Hootsuite VS Buffer: choose the social media management platform that’s right for you! But now that you know that there are tools specially designed to facilitate your community management, you still have to find the one that suits you best! That’s why, in order to paint a portrait of these two eternal rivals, Hootsuite VS Buffer, we tested their free versions .


Hootsuite is a very comprehensive editorial calendar tool, which gives you access to many features and possibilities , even with the free version. You can connect six different social networks on the platform: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest , The dashboard interface is customizable according to your wishes . You can add or remove the different feeds that you want to see displayed for each social network from a list of feeds specific to each network.

Take the example of a Facebook page, where you can display the following feeds: published posts, private messages, scheduled publications, mentions of the page or even unpublished publications, Get a global overview of your social networks on Hootsuite, and determine your preferred platform between Hootsuite VS Buffer! Unlike Buffer, you can respond directly to private messages and comments from the platform: you therefore do not need to log into your various social accounts, saving you time and efficiency,

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