Hospitality in 2021: Revenge Travel!

Despite the hotel occupancy rate in the United States still falling by 50%, signs of recovery in the sector are appearing with the evolution of vaccinations. For hotel and travel groups, Revenge Travel is only three phases away from the recovery. Which ones? Here they are ! Phase Zero – Prioritize reinsurance Health and safety are the new essential Iceland WhatsApp Number List decision criteria in the decision-making process of consumers, taking precedence over price and destination. This is no longer an option. Clearly communicate your protocols & initiatives: by providing simple and clear information on your digital ecosystem.

Video is ideal for this. Take advantage of contactless automation: Use chat services (chatbots / instant messaging), and consider adopting new hospitality technologies such as the Google Nest Hub home app that acts as a virtual receptionist. Recovery phase 1 – Priority to domestic travel The first phase of the recovery will be driven by domestic travel and local mobility, mainly coming from city dwellers looking for a weekend outing, accessible by car, by booking at the last minute. Maximize your visibility for local travelers: Maximize your SERP presence, leveraging proximity queries and prioritizing local targeting.

Automate Your Bids: Using Automated Bidding Strategies

will help you adjust to shorter booking times and focus the budget on when purchase intentions are greatest. Boost Weekdays With Special Offers: While waiting for business travel to resume, specials can be an effective way to fill low occupancy days. Recovery phase 2 – Regional trips Club Med, the all-inclusive resort pioneer, found in a recent study that 56% of Americans plan to travel to an expanded territory by Spring / Summer 2021. Brands will need to quickly step up efforts to capture first the customers who have this desire for escape and long-awaited social reunions.

Respond to the reunion factor: Make sure your brand offers socializing opportunities like dining options and special packages. Focus on local experiences and activities: Leverage your digital media to encourage exploration of the region. Personalize communications: Give your customers more time to plan and build their enthusiasm for business opportunities. Final recovery phase – Revenge Travel As soon as restrictions on international travel are lifted, customers will be looking to commit to Revenge Travel at an record pace. If you’re a travel or hospitality brand looking to capitalize on this wave, now is the time to prepare your digital strategy.

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Shopify creates duplicate content whenever you add a product to your store. Indeed, Shopify generates what are called “collections” (with the url /collections/.*/products/nom_du_produit), so far no problem. The problem is that the product sheet for this same product is located at another address among the “products” (with the url of type / products / name_du_produit). We therefore have two product pages with the same information but in two different places. Shopify creates duplicate content The “products” url is defined as a canonical url and should therefore be used on the page where all the products are displayed. However, it is the other url which is not canonical which is taken and which is therefore called when the user clicks on the product.

Solve content duplication issues with canonical tags By using canonical tags, you will be able to solve Google’s problem on the page to be indexed, and avoid content duplication problems. Add Canonical Tags to Your Shopify Website in 4 Steps: In the admin panel, go to Online store > Themes . Choose the theme you want to edit, points to watch out for for SEO with Shopify There are other points to consider when taking Shopify as a platform. So, for your SEO, you will have to pay attention to different aspects like: Add structured data such as “Products,“ Breadcrumbs ” Compress images before uploading them to the platform Remove duplicate paginated urls Shopify offers a large choice of plugins to address these different issues.

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