How can the May 68 slogans help your salespeople?

The May 68 slogans have inspired many generations and are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. During this popular sling, many slogans resounded, arguing the crowds to move the lines. Today, we are dealing with a new revolution: that of digital. The issue of people and the restructuring of jobs is therefore highlighted. 50 years later, in the midst of the digital revolution, many slogans can be used to motivate your employees. Motivating employees is one of the most difficult tasks for a manager, especially for salespeople. The latter Cyprus Email Addresses being often paid with a remuneration having a fixed + a bonus have a continual need for motivation. In addition, with the growth of digital, they too are forced to transform their working methods.

Whether they are real slogans or devious slogans, the slogans of May 68 are still relevant in the digital age. If we apply these slogans to salespeople, 10 of them will be used to motivate your salespeople. And who says motivated salespeople means more contracts and more profitability. Let’s take a look at the 10 slogans of May 68 that are the most suitable to motivate your salespeople in the digital age. Be realistic, ask for the impossible Being commercial in the digital age means that using all communication channels is important.

You need to ask your salespeople to try

As many things as possible while remaining realistic. With digital, the field of possibilities is growing for a salesperson. Being realistic means that you have to use all digital tools, especially social networks. We can take the case of LinkedIn, which allows you to more precisely target your interlocutor and personalize your offer. The personalization of the offer is in 2018 the priority axis to which all companies must turn. May 68 gives us lessons on digital, sales and LinkedIn By asking the impossible of your employees, you will provoke their taste for challenge. But be careful when asking for the impossible, always be realistic about the goals you can achieve. It is forbidden to forbid Among the slogans of May 68, this one can have a double reading which applies both to oneself and to customer relations. At first, this slogan applies to oneself.

In the digital age, it is forbidden to prohibit the use of digital tools. Whether they are internal or external processes, digital is there to simplify the daily tasks of salespeople. If your salespeople are using social networks to capture more leads or to find a good deal, then it is essential not to do without. How to get more customer information | Force Plus Secondly, it is forbidden to forbid something to a customer. It is often said that the customer is king, but he is not completely. So yes, we must not forbid something to a customer because he is more and more informed.

Indeed, today personalization is one of the key points

That all salespeople must have in their strategy. However, personalization does not mean that you have to say Amen to everything. So do not prevent yourself from refusing certain practices that do not correspond to your skills or from parting with a hazardous client. Another point is the diversity of tasks that the salesperson will be able to implement, both of course the digital issue and the sales method. By using storytelling for his argument and by creating web content then the salesperson will be able to perform lead nurturing actions . Summer will be hot It is often said that during the summer, there is a drop in activity. However, this does not mean stopping its activities.

Summer is an important period of the salesperson’s calendar which allows them to acquire new prospects and retain them. Summer is a most crucial time and those for several reasons. The first is to be able to get up to speed on the issue of digital technology and its tools. The second allows you to find potential leads. The third is to differentiate yourself by signing contracts while your competition is on vacation. So yes, the summer will be hot, because you can acquire a large number of customers and thus increase your turnover. Take your desires for realities In May 68, we chanted this slogan to say that everything was possible and that if we wanted something, we could achieve it.

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