How can you better understand your customers?

Understanding your customers better is the keystone of any business. The goal is simple, to offer better customer service throughout the purchasing process. By purchasing process we mean different phases: A first which is that of reflection where the potential customer learns about a product or a service Secondly, that of commercial conversion, i.e. the moment when the customer decides to buy A third phase which is that of after-sales and Bahrain Email List which must offer an adequate and personalized customer experience. Therefore better understanding its customers can be schematized in the form of infinity. If a customer has a pleasant experience, then a climate of trust is established which will create loyalty.

better understand its customers with Force Plus Customer loyalty and the after-sales service offered to them make them a possible future buyer. Better understanding your customers is becoming a necessity, as is the personalization of service because all people want fast and precise service. We will see how it is possible to better understand its customers by seeing three essential points: Consumer behavior Data processing The use of classic customer relationship tools The different levels of languages ​​to better understand your customers Better understanding our customers involves an analysis of their behavior and those based on various criteria which are: What are their initial needs What are their purchasing journeys How did they get to know your brand What do they think of your brand What do they like and what do they hate? We find these different levels of languages ​​both digitally and physically.

Behavior analysis improves the customer experience and therefore increases sales

Whether web or physical, it is essential to study them to provide maximum customer satisfaction. Web behaviors To better understand our customers, we must now focus on the behavior of Internet users. The behavior of customers on the web is very varied, but they do not hesitate to give their opinions. Whether negative or positive, an opinion is a real barometer of a company’s reputation. If your reviews sound bad, the impact on your business can be significant. So what if these reviews sound bad? Well the answer is simple, listen, respond and then make changes. If the reviews are negative, you must change your different strategies so as not to scare away potential leads. This involves in particular after-sales service, improvement of services and products.

The trend will therefore be reversed. However, behavior on the web is not only measured by the reviews and comments left by customers. Social networks are also a great tool for knowing the behavior of your customers. By measuring the engagement rate of your posts, you will be able to know whether or not you are bringing something to your customers. The number of followers and the engagement rate can give you some clues to better understand your customers.

You will be able to see on which subject they are sensitive or not

Last behaviors and not the least that of the Traffic of your site. Thanks to Google analysis tools, you can know which are the most visited pages of your website. From then on, you can focus your commercial actions on these areas of interest. Thanks to marketing automation, you will be able to measure the interest of your customers and thus offer them an adequate service. Body and voice language Whether in BtoB or BtoC, the body and voice language of your customers are great indicators for their understanding. Whether it is during voice exchanges where we imply telephone exchanges or physical meetings, our behavior can be analyzed.

If we take telephone conversations, tone of voice and linguistics are essential to better understand clients. Within Force Plus, we see this every day through the various technical hotlines. Tone, tone is a measure of customer satisfaction. From experience, we can tell by tone and tone whether or not a customer is satisfied with either the product or the aftermarket. As for the linguistics used, words are of crucial importance. Someone with a calm temperament may well be virulent in these words. Therefore, just like digital tools, the technicians of these hotlines collect and transmit information to overcome this lack. Body language is also very important to better understand your customers.

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