How do you build a great marketing team for your brand?

How would you describe your marketing team? Are you short of staff? Overworked? No training? Non-existent? The point is, digital marketing is no longer an optional supplement for small businesses, but even the best business owners don’t have the time to figure it all out. But don’t worry, when you’re done with this article, you’ll know what roles you need to hire to build your own in-house marketing team, and (in BONUS) they won’t cost you that Trinidad and Tobago Email List much. Step 1: Understand the structure of the modern marketing team Here are the three roles that must be present in every modern marketing team: Content team: responsible for creating content (blog posts, podcasts, videos, etc.)

Acquisition team: responsible for generating new leads and front-end sales Monetization team: responsible for transforming leads and front-end sales into customers If your marketing team is non-existent, the first step is to hire a single person responsible for each of these three main responsibilities. As your business grows, so will your organizational chart. hire-a-marketing-img2-team Alright, let’s look at a breakdown of the titles in this flowchart: Editorial Director: Responsible for directing social media content and strategy from the top of the funnel (Awareness) to the bottom of the funnel (Conversion). Blog Editor : (can also be referred to as an editor) responsible for the ideation, planning, and coordination of blog content.

Video Editor: Responsible for managing video presence

including all premium video content. Social Media Manager: Responsible for managing the brand’s social presence on theappropriate social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Community Manager: responsible for managing private communities. (May does not apply to your business.) Director of Acquisitions: Responsible for leading lead generation and initial customer acquisition strategy and campaigns. Traffic Manager: responsible for executing organic and paid traffic strategy and campaigns. Head of Analytics: Responsible for monitoring key marketing analyzes and key performance indicators (KPIs) for inter-company departments, then compiling and communicating this data to the appropriate members and departments.

Graphic Designer: responsible for creating advertising graphics for paid media, social media, and original images for the blog; Director of Monetization: Responsible for maximizing the revenue generated from all assets including, but not limited to customer lists and all web and media properties. Email Marketing Manager: responsible for the execution of the strategy and campaigns of ‘ email marketing. Optimization Manager: responsible for proactive and reactionary strategic tests to increase conversion rates. In the beginning, you will have a single person in charge of writing or acquiring, or monetizing.

As your business grows, you might need more granular roles

Such as separate traffic managers for Facebook and Google traffic. Step 2 – Write job descriptions and KPIs for your marketing team task descriptions Taking the time to write the right job descriptions and KPIs makes everything easier. Easier because the employee knows what is expected and the manager knows what to expect. It’s worth the time and energy it takes to create them. An appropriate job description consists of five parts: General information (name, title, direct reports, etc.); Objective of the job; Key responsibilities and responsibilities; Key performance indicators (KPI); Personal characteristics. These job descriptions are reviewed and signed by each employee and used to steer the employee’s daily work and the manager’s assessment of their performance.

Step 3 – Promote the top-performing employees in your marketing team and bring out the poorest performers promote employees Alright, let’s take a look at the distribution of titles in this flowchart: Follow these 3 rules: Rule 1: 5-10% on market wages + incredible culture = low turnover The last thing you want is to recruit well and have that person start looking for the next opportunity right away. One of the secrets to building a good marketing team is to create consistency. To do this, you need to reduce turnover. Our rule of thumb is to pay more than the going rate for the right people and create an amazing culture. At ebusinesscameroun, we like to have fun.

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