How is the call center recruiting going?

With over 35 years in the field of customer relations, call center recruitment has been constantly evolving. This development is mainly due to different changes in consumer behavior. For several years when we have been in digital transition, consumption patterns have experienced a real revolution. No more aggressive approaches, no more lies, no more brand / customer ascendancy. Today, it is the customer who has the power and who Brazil Email List can make you a king or an outcast. Indeed, the power of the web and e-reputation can lead to this type of action on the part of customers. Call center recruitment has a double impact, as it is most often outsourced.

Therefore, recruiting in a call center must suit both the service provider and the end customer. Because yes, it is the image of the end customer that is important, this image that allows a healthy customer relationship. Choosing an outsourced call center therefore requires knowing its employees. However, a question remains how is good recruitment in a call center? Why is good recruitment important in the call center? Recruiting well for call centers is necessary if you want to set up an effective customer relationship strategy. The recruitment of call center agents responds, as mentioned in the introduction, to the various changes in consumption patterns. In fact, today ¾ purchasing decisions are made through research on the web.

A call center must therefore digitize its processes

And have agents oriented in this direction. Recruiting a good agent, apart from their digital skills, also involves economic added value. Indeed, if the latter can have a high rate of dropping out while finding business or finding a solution for a client. Whether you are in B2C or B2B, the economic dimension of outsourcing your call center is a good operation because you will not have to: Manage staff Manage issues with end users Set up processes Apply an effective methodology while leaving the good old script that must be followed to the letter The different stages of call center recruitment Recruitment in a call center like ours goes through different stages.

The objective of all these steps is to find the candidate capable of being the image of your client. This must respond to: Customer requirements so that he is the relay of the brand to consumers Knowledge of the market and the environment And of course the DNA of the customer and the service provider. Recruitment in a call center responds to a demand generated most often via the web or to prospecting. During the first discussions, we try to understand, analyze and target their needs with them. The objective is to offer a fair and adaptable service.

In terms of the number of calls

A call center agent answers between 30 and 100 calls per day. This number of managed calls makes it possible to offer an ideal customer relationship service, meeting customer requirements. Therefore, finding the ideal employer for us is: An agent who has specific knowledge on a core business. Unlike other more low-cost call centers, we favor the human side. It is important for us that this relationship is on an equal level and that our agent is able to quickly understand and analyze a situation. This same agent must have a sense of priorities, that is to say think of the clients for whom he works.

Its objective is to have the best possible ROI and above all a high satisfaction rate that is even close to 100%. Understanding and adaptability, because each customer does not understand the same way what a technician says. How to measure good recruitment in a call center? Doing good recruiting in a call center can be measured, and that, by its importance. It is indeed essential that there is trust and mutual satisfaction between a client and his service provider.

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