Increase sales for your business. Although it is not a direct sales channel. it has many tools and possibilities that companies can use to meet objectives and increase revenue. However. many still think that Facebook is only used to interact with the audience and therefore they only use it to post a couple of photos a week and respond to comments from the public mechanically. In this way they may be able to win some fans. but surely they will not see tangible results at the end of the month. Having fans is important because it is an indicator of the size of the community that a brand has managed to build. that is. it is a way of measuring notoriety.

But accumulating millions of fans does not guarantee to achieve good income to maintain the profitability of a company. The truth is that companies often become obsessed with winning fans at all costs and forget about sales. That’s why they make some mistakes that you can avoid: Mistake: Post whatever comes to mind on the fly. Correction: Before you start publishing on Facebook you need to establish a strategy aimed at meeting specific. realistic and measurable objectives . Thus. all the actions that you develop will help you achieve something specific. Think. what do you want to achieve with your presence on Facebook? what does your business need?

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A good idea is to make a monthly or Dominican republic whatsapp number list plan of the topics that you are going to publish. according to the objectives that have been set. Error: Post at any time. Correction: You have to publish strategically. It is not the same to launch a post at 3 in the afternoon than at 8 at night because we have to take into account what time our audience connects and when they are more likely to see us and participate. In general. brands tend to publish more between 6 and 9 in the morning (when they wake up. before going to work) and between 6 and 8 in the afternoon (when they leave work and arrive home). . Error: Do not include the link to our website. Fix: Give your audience the ability to find your business easily.\

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Your fans may like the content you post. but if they can’t find your website or purchase page. you’re wasting your efforts. Provide a permanent link to your site. either in your contact details or. better yet. open a tab to give access to your purchase page or landing page. Mistake: Posting passive posts that don’t invite action. Correction: You need to motivate your audience to take action. The idea is that they don’t just read what you post. but that they do something. that they take an action that helps the business . That is why you should include calls to action such as “click here to see a demo” or “here you can buy this product”. These phrases must have a link that leads directly to a page where the user can perform said action.

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Mistake: Posting something just because we like it or sharing content from other brands all the time. Correction: On Facebook. if a brand does not provide interesting or useful content. it is doomed to disappear. It is important to be original and add value to your audience . Remember the 80-20 rule: 80% of the content must be attractive and relevant. The remaining 20% can be used to promote the company and its products. Of course. take advantage of that 20% to highlight why your product is better than others. Advantages. materials. manufacturing process. competitive price. high quality. unique quality in the market. etc. Error: Do not use advertising on Facebook Correction: Through Facebook Ads you can schedule ads on this social network to promote your fan page.

This helps you increase the reach of your activities on. And off Facebook and thus increase the chance of being seen and purchased. Bug. Not responding or occasionally responding to user comments Correction. Facebook can not only be a very useful tool to interact with your audience but can even service channel . To do this. you must respond in a timely manner to questions or assessments. Meet the requirements and solve the problems that arise. And since the ultimate goal is to sell. You should pay special attention to issues related to information about where to buy. prices. Locations of points of sale. as well as complaints about damages or inconveniences that impair the purchase or post-sale experience.

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