How Newsjacking Can Attract Attention To Your Brand

Make yourself known, create a link with your community, gain customer loyalty… These are the objectives (to name a few) of any brand present on social networks. There are many ways to do this. Among them is newsjacking . It is a technique used in community management to gain visibility on social networks. We will tell you more about it in Australia Mobile Number Database this article! WHAT IS NEWSJACKING? Let’s start with the definition given by David Meerman Scott , the man who coined the term: ” hijack news by injecting your ideas into it in order to generate visibility and engagement on social media.

” In marketing, newsjacking allows you to create content around an event making the headlines , bounce off it in order to generate buzz around your brand. What is the newsjacking technique used for? The goal of real-time marketing is to get you noticed by bloggers, journalists, influencers and on social media . You wonder what it is for? Well, imagine that this technique has the power to give greater visibility to a small company or a large brand in a few days .

Thanks to social media newsjacking, you will be able to:

Appear nicer to your community Increase your notoriety Broaden your audience Encourage user engagement through likes, shares, and comments Generate a big buzz around your brand You are realizing that newsjacking may be THE strategy you need to meet the social media challenge . Know that thanks to tools like chestnut trees , you have the possibility of planning your communication moves. It’s much more efficient than creating content at the last minute. However, the crispest news does not warn . It is therefore necessary to know how to react quickly enough , but not too much. Be careful, you cannot use just any subject for the benefit of your brand.

The limits of newsjacking Now is the time to caution yourself about using this technique. By wanting to be original, you risk falling into a bad buzz ! Rest assured, this is preventable if you avoid controversy, sensitive topics, politics and anything that can tarnish your brand . For example, after the “Ever-Given” (a 400-meter-long container ship) blocked the Suez Canal for 6 days, Netflix used the news item to communicate about one of its products. It is a mythical scene from the famous Friends series. This publication was very engaging, because it recalled the good times that Internet users spent in front of this scene.

This is a good idea, but a luxury hotel could not use this subject

As much and especially in this tone for its communication. You will understand, using newsjacking is good, but in a smart way it is even more so . If you are still not convinced by this technique, here are the advantages that will make you integrate it into your communication strategy. Netflix is ​​newsjacking by reacting to the ship that blocked the Suez Canal NEWSJACKING: A TOOL AT THE SERVICE OF YOUR BRAND Newsjacking is a technique too little used by brands, yet it has the ability to propel them to the fore. Another idea of ​​content Talking about yourself is the subject that you master the most. It is all the more difficult to express yourself on an event that has nothing to do with you.

However, this is the best way to diversify your content and stand out from your competitors. Looking beyond your front door means being interested in topics that speak to your audience . The more you communicate on subjects that interest them, the better you retain them. Draw attention to your brand A viral publication makes it possible to reach a new audience , and therefore new prospects. When someone sees your post, they may want to know more about you and what you’re posting. It’s a way to subtly draw attention to your business by generating curiosity and emotions, making people laugh, or making it clear that you are responsive . Use newsjacking to make your posts go viral.

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