How to be visible with Google SEO?

Nowadays, Google referencing is the sinews of war! But how do you get visible on Google ? Your presence on the web is through search engines like Google. And Google SEO is increasingly essential. Between competitors and the big ones on the web, you no longer have the choice to crack a passage among the most active on the Internet and to integrate the variable ” how to refer to Google “. But don’t panic, Extern’Market is there to Madagascar Email List advise you. Today, the Internet is the primary source of information, entertainment and communication. And more than 96% of Internet consumers will use Google to find a professional on the web by consulting customer reviews and their website.

The different means of visibility with Google SEO Google my business Page: why and how to create a file? The basic principles for being present on the internet and therefore Google referencing are: The GMB presentation sheet, with your location on Google Maps, your number, your address, your timetables, photos, posts and access to your site. And to go further, find out Why create your Google My Business listing . The yellow pages and other online annular. The social network management like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn.

In general, they will allow your customers to arrive

On one of your pages once the name of your company has been searched on Google. Also, your site and web page must present the most important information quickly. And for that, you must present your industry, your corporate culture, your services and / or products. Finally, optimizing your SEO will allow you to gain positions on Google. Note that in the long term SEO is the most profitable in terms of SEO strategy . All of its basics allow you to have a web presence only through your customers’ search for your name.

Of course, means are possible to allow you to be visible to all people looking for a specific product or service at their request (eg: scent candles): thanks to free referencing or paid referencing (SEO / SEA). SEO on google: free or paid? Improve the position of your site on google To begin with, your website must be indexed by Google. To find out, you can use the Google Search Console tool and read our article on how to know if our site is indexed by Google? . The search engine Google is in part on an article you will join in the “blog” on your site. But the most important page of your site is still the home page. And that is why, it must be worked on both the visual and the ergonomics.

Finally, it must quickly present your business and your products

SEO – SEO says free Regarding SEO , either the web referencing of your free or natural site, it is essential to follow the long tail that designates a set of requests. Indeed, they inform us of the expected marketing content for Google search engines (length of the text, volume of searches, conversion rate and even the cost if you are doing a SEA campaign). Once the analysis is done, you can take an interest in the list of keywords that should be present in the content. For that, we let you direct you to our article of the white paper on natural referencing.

SEA – Paid Google SEO google referencing: SEA Advertising is online advertisingThe SEA SEO or SEO Pay or Google Adwords campaign, with immediate effect (when it is set). But it remains a mission with a minimum of expertise and skills to manage your budget as well as possible. Note, that it allows you to expect a position above those of No. 1, in the advertised position in Google results. Pricing is based on site traffic during the period of the Google Ads campaign: the levy is therefore based on the number of clicks your site will receive. And the same remark for sponsored links or via a link exchange or CPC (Cost per Click). Are your social networks impacting your Google SEO? Community manager rate Of course, social media has an impact on free google referencing .

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