How To Boost Your Business Facebook Page?

Having a corporate facebook page has become essential in 2021. Often neglected, facebook pages are however key supports in a company’s communication strategy. The published content is used for natural referencing, it is easy to forge a social bond with people and we can acquire new leads. What to say that animating a Facebook business page has become essential to increase its visibility and be found in a few clicks. Your digital communication agency in China Phone Number List Nice gives you 3 tips on how to boost your facebook page! POST CONTENT REGULARLY Publishing content on a regular basis helps boost a Facebook page . This helps drive traffic to your page and generate interactions with your subscribers or new leads.

It’s up to you to play with the types of content: a survey, information, a marketing campaign, a presentation of the team… And the different formats: a photo, a video, a text, a gif… something that is immediately obvious ! To keep pace and develop your business Facebook page, you absolutely have to be organized ! Your Jadéclo agency advises you to follow these 3 steps: 💬Create a schedule of posts : this will allow you to organize yourself, keep a cohesion between the posts and adapt your social media strategy according to the latest trends …

Enough not to forget anything and always have content to post in the future!

Plan & schedule your posts : you can either do it manually on the dates of your posts or use tools like UBIQ Social, Buffer, Hootsuite or the facebook tool, Creator Studio, to schedule, schedule and preview your posts. We advise you to use Creator Studio, it is a complete and easy to use tool and above all, Facebook will be happy! Analyze the impact of your posts: via Creator Studio, you will be able to see the likes, interactions, visibility of your posts… and therefore adapt your publication strategy according to this data. INTERACT WITH YOUR FOLLOWERS interact with their subscribers to boost their facebook page Being the Community manager, it is important to moderate your facebook page and interact with your subscribers.

To boost your Facebook business page and make it even more alive, you will have to respond to three types of interactions every day : Private messages Comments The opinions By answering them, you will forge a bond with your community while creating a feeling of closeness between them and you. To go further in this process and strengthen the identity of your online business, it is essential to adopt a tone to your page . This tone is to be defined according to your company, its image, you …

Humorous, sustained, original … during your interactions

keep the same tone in order to maintain your identity online. OFFER CONTESTS AND ATTRACT NEW LEADS Our last tip, and not the least, the contests. You may be wondering, how to boost your facebook page by organizing a contest ? Don’t worry, we’ll explain everything to you! On a small scale, competitions are relatively easy to set up. Whether you are a small or large business, having a contest to win a voucher, one of your products or any other giveaway will allow you to attract traffic and generate excitement on your page. To boost the visibility of your contests , you can also use influencer marketing .

As part of a competition of this type, you will be able to appeal to the kings of social networks, the influencers. By creating a partnership with them, they will be able to relay your contests and allow you to obtain visibility that you would never have hoped for. Open contests to boost your Facebook business page Our 5 steps to boost your facebook page with a contest: Define why we do it : to attract new leads? to retain your customers? Tailor your competition to your goal.

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