How to choose the right call center?

Many companies wonder about the usefulness of a call center in their customer and marketing strategy. The image that this reflects is often negative, especially since digital media show the image of an alternative. Some studies tend to show that despite the fact that 70% of prospects hate telephone prospecting, the conversion rate is the highest. In fact, the transformation rate reaches 45%, which places it far ahead of digital and its 10%. Therefore a question arises. How do you choose the ideal call center in order to improve China Email Lists customer satisfaction? What are the different types of call centers? The image of the general public on call centers is very negative.

If you ask anyone, the call centers are: Unable to meet consumer expectations People reading a script and following it stupidly People who do not understand technical support advice Several types of call centers exist and they can respond to various issues. There are different call centers, some of which are focused only on what is called the first level. That is to say basic problems such as bad connections … There are those who are more generalists who are able to respond to different scales of problems. Others respond only to the parts related to the search for leads. Finally, there are complete call centers that meet the expectations of lead generation and after-sales.

The ideal call center meets several criteria to have optimum quality

In reality, the vast majority of call center employees have higher education degrees. They are even experts in the areas of intervention of the company for which he works. If we take the example of Force Plus, there are specialized engineers or people from business school. They have associated semantics that are different from bad call centers. They are not into reading a script. The script being considered inopportune to solve a problem or to generate leads. We are talking about a strategy of arguments putting the customer at the heart of the request and providing personalized help. For the more commercial part, each employee has or receives training to precisely meet expectations. The goal is to sell technical products well and who better than experts? In addition, commercial and digital techniques must be used more and more.

This will allow us to better understand the potential leads and their expectations. Human above all The objective of a good call center and of the commercial approach is the human value which marks their DNA. Unlike traditional call centers, the objective is not to carry out and prospect for a campaign. The goal is to do this continuously is to meet customer expectations. We no longer seek to reduce the cost simply by outsourcing abroad. The goal is to improve the customer experience which for the latter if he is not happy will complain on the web. The presence of the human factor is very important in the customer experience process. The goal of this process is to put the consumer first and put them at the center of the strategy.

The goal of a good call center is to have customer satisfaction close to 100%

This satisfaction is the brand image that emerges from a company. It is just as important as social media. If your reputation is bad in certain areas the risk of potential lead loss is greater. Choosing the right call center is therefore essential for acquiring and retaining customers. Without a global strategy combining traditional and digital means, the customer conversion rate will be very low. If you liked this article, check out our customer experience page or read our articles on this topic. Do you want to be supported in your process of increasing your leads ? We invite you to contact our teams for more information.

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