How to choose the right keywords

Knowing how to choose the right keywords remains a keystone of a good free SEO strategy . You must come up with ideas for keywords or key phrases that Internet users use during a web search to position your site. And thus be visible … Select your keywords based on the search volume reported by the keyword generators. If position on relevant keywords is the most important aspect of your strategy SEO SEO. This is what will allow you to orient your Falkland Islands and Malvinas Email List content writing in order to get as close as possible to the intended target. But also increase your conversion rate on your website ..

Choosing the main keywords and secondary keywords takes a lot of time. Good handling of your keyword list will give you good visibility on search engines. How to choose the right keywords for SEO? Determining your keywords for your SEO is one of the most important parts to do. For this, you must select keywords related to the lexical field of your activity thanks to the number of searches indicated. And the more research, the more your article will be read.

It’s then up to you to analyze the search results

One by one and keep the most relevant keywords . This practice can be useful to you in a natural referencing strategy, paying thanks to Google adwords or for SMO referencing with social networks. SEO Starter package to optimize your website What is a competitive keyword? SEO Marketing optimization of your website to be more visible on search engines A keyword is considered competitive from the volume of sites that try to rank on that query. This is why very often, the first pages are occupied by competitive sites with a great notoriety and formerly on the web. For example, Amazon appears in the top results for many products. Finding your way through competitive sites is no easy task for web professionals. It takes a lot of time and skill to achieve this. For example, if a query displays more than 50,000,000 results, it means that it is a competitive keyword.

Moreover, you can also analyze the number of sponsored links that will give you an idea about your keyword. More clearly, the more competitive a term, the higher the CPC (cost per click) and the conversion rate. The SEO is a long process and should not be taken lightly. In order to appear in the first results and stay there, we must pay attention to the new criteria standards imposed by Google’s indexing robots . SEO being an inexact science, no one can promise a first place on Google page. We must constantly improve.

How Google interprets your keyword?

Google’s indexing bots keep getting new ranking criteria and it’s important to know them. For example the keyword “painter” to find a painter for your work or the many painters in the history of the world. Google will offer all the websites it finds relevant to the query. Be careful not to use terms that Google interprets otherwise. Like the term “canapés” for an aperitif, you will surely come across some furniture in the first results. To counter this, do some google research for the keyword you want to use. Then verify that it matches your product or service. If the rate for a key phrase is too high, try a long tail phrase to get noticed.

Tools to improve the SEO of your website Use a SEO agency A referencing agency like Extern’Market will allow you to be supported in the definition of your marketing strategy and the positioning to adopt in the face of your competition and web visibility opportunities. Knowing how to choose the right keywords remains a delicate task and the support of a web expert will allow you faster and more strategic profitability. To do this, please fill out the form below:

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